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Instant Car Donation was founded with the goal of bringing donors and local charities together with an efficient and pleasant process. You can focus on deciding which of our respected charities is right for you instead of worrying about difficulties of researching how to make a donation. After your free pickup, we will assist you in recieving the best tax benefit possible for your generous gift. We take pride in helping smaller charities easily receive car donations, bringing people together while helping support those in the Madison, Wisconsin community who need it the most.

Featured Madison 501(c)(3) Charities

National watchdog group for conducting in-depth investigations into corruption and the undue influence of corporations on media and democracy.
The Center for Media and Democracy is a national watchdog group that conducts in-depth investigations into corruption and the undue influence of corporations on media and democracy. The findings of CMD's investigative journalism are regularly cited by the leading national and state newspapers in the U.S., including the New York Times, the Guardian, and the Washington Post. CMD's reporting is credited by news shows on major broadcast stations including HBO, Showtime, PBS, NBC, CBS, and others, and has also been featured on in-depth news programs, such as Moyers & Company, Democracy Now, and the Thom Hartmann Show, as well as NPR and other public broadcasting agencies, such as the BBC and CBC.
Supporting educational, cultural and community broadcasting services of Wisconsin Public Television
Friends of Wisconsin Public Television provides citizen support through diversified fundraising, community relations, volunteer networking and administrative services. Major events sponsored by Friends include on-air fundraising campaigns, special events, the televised Auction, the annual Garden Expo and Quilt Expos.
Building community support and providing funding for zoo improvements
The Henry Vilas Park Zoological Society was organized as the Madison Zoological and Aquarium Society in 1914. The society's purpose is to build community support and provide funding for improvements to the Henry Vilas Zoo. This includes the acquisition, conservation, and replacement of animals; refurbishing and creating new exhibits; supporting educational programs; and improving the overall educational and recreational value of the zoo. The Zoological Society contributes generously to the Zoo's operating budget. The society has been instrumental in providing funding for many zoo improvements, generally in partnership with the county and city.
Connecting people to politics
Founded in 2006, the mission of the Lucy Burns Institute is to empower our audience to engage in democracy by delivering exceptionally high quality information. We believe it's our duty to ensure that interested, engaged citizens never lack access to good information. We're arming citizens with the ability to take on special interest jargon and partisan propaganda. We're making the truth about political and judicial matters accessible and empowering citizens to align their votes with their values. We're working to close the gap between what voters have and what voters want.
Supporting the Olbrich Botanical Gardens' fund-raising and educational activities
The Olbrich Botanical Society, established in 1979, supports the Olbrich Botanical Gardens' fund-raising and educational activities. Olbrich Botanical Gardens enriches life by nourishing and sharing the beauty of gardens, the joy of gardening, the knowledge of plants, and the diversity of our world. Olbrich Botanical Gardens is dedicated to the creation, conservation and interpretation of gardens and plant collections hardy to the American Midwest or native to the world's tropical forests for study, enjoyment and public benefit. Olbrich Botanical Gardens offers 16 acres of outdoor display gardens including the Rose Garden, Thai Pavilion and Garden, Sunken Garden, and Perennial Garden. Outdoor gardens are open daily and free to the public.
Bringing a message of mercy and hope to those in need by providing nutritional basics and encouragement
The River Food Pantry is Dane County's busiest food pantry, offering free groceries, meals, and clothing to anyone who comes for help. Located in a warehouse just off Northport Drive and Packers Avenue, The River is surrounded by low-income neighborhoods and subsidized senior housing—exactly where we're needed the most. We also provide a mobile lunch program for children and teens in low income neighborhoods surrounding the food pantry. Nutritious packed lunches are distributed in the neighborhoods on weekends and other non-school days. The River feeds more than 600 Dane County families per week, sharing 40 thousand pounds of food every seven days, or about 2 million pounds of food each year. Over $3.6 million in goods and services are distributed annually. We also serve 550+ hot meals each week and currently distribute 300 mobile packed lunches on each non-school day.
Oversees fundraising for the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board
The Wisconsin Public Broadcasting Foundation is a non-profit corporation formed to oversee fundraising for the Educational Communications Board (ECB), a state agency, and has no capital or staff. Revenue directed to the Foundation is provided primarily through its relationships with Wisconsin Public Radio Association (WPRA) and the Friends of Wisconsin Public Television. The ECB in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Extension, oversees and supports Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television, providing a statewide telecommunications system as well as maintaining Wisconsin's NOAA-All Hazards Radio, EAS and Amber Alert system. The ECB develops and distributes educational resources including high-quality programs and interactive Web and multimedia tools for K-12 students and educators throughout Wisconsin. The ECB works with organizations statewide to promote educational initiatives and provide equitable access to information and services to Wisconsin's citizens.
Improving and preserving Wisconsin Public Radio
The Wisconsin Public Radio Association (WPRA) is a forward-looking organization dedicated to facilitating radio programming of high quality that addresses the needs of listeners. This year, the WPRA members will contribute approximately $5.45 million to improve and keep WPR on the air all over Wisconsin. WPRA serves as a statewide membership organization for those listeners of WPR who have contributed at a minimum membership level; engages in fundraising to support the program service of WPR; sponsors projects that involve public participation throughout WPR's listener area; and through public awareness activities, promotes the service so as to attract additional member support.
Instant Car Donation

Car donations are the method for folks to create a donation. Because of this, one of their aims is to empower those making such a benevolent decision by making sure that the automobile, such as your Avera Motors Avera Motors, goes into the charity which best represents their values. When donating together with us make charity decision an essential part of the process. We can do that too, in case you would like us to pick for you which charity would benefit the most. It is necessary to Instant Car Donation which you receive the largest tax deduction advantage without needing to navigate complexities or execute research, possible. We pre-qualify all of our charities, for example Friends of Wisconsin Public Television, that are participating would be tax deductible. The procedure will be streamlined for both you and the charity of your own choice. We'll provide a 1098-C tax form to you after your contribution. There are lots of non-profit organizations in your Madison area which could benefit from your vehicle, such as a Chrysler TC, donation. We not only help you donate to a nearby charity, but we focus on supplying with an easy method they can concentrate on their work to accept donations. The donation will make the difference for such charities, for example Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association, bringing individuals together while helping to support those within their neighborhood Wisconsin community who need it the most.

Get the Best Tax Deduction for Your Donation in Madison

Besides the charitable tax deduction and not with the hassle of dealing with an old vehicle, the feeling of being able to assist those in need may be the ideal reason to donate your vehicle to a charitable institution. When you opt to create a donation of a used automobile, such as your Saturn Outlook, if the charitable institution sells the automobile for more than $500 they need to send you a receipt which allows you to deduct the sales price of the automobile, such as your Mitsubishi Lancer SportBack, in your own tax return. If the old car you chose to donate isn't worth at least 500 bucks, then the IRS lets you ascertain the fair market value. This is actually the value that someone would be happy to pay for the automobile, such as your Subaru GLF, in Madison if purchasing it from you. To be able to receive the tax deduction, you'll have to itemize your deductions on your tax return. You receive the tax benefit, along with the charity either gets to use the automobile sells it and uses the proceeds for the good of the charitable institution. That's a wonderful thing for everyone involved. Car donation programs have become more popular in Wisconsin over the past decade or so, as more charities are looking for new and creative ways to generate funds. Nowadays, the amount of charitable automobile donation programs numbers in the hundreds or perhaps tens of thousands. When you have a favourite Madison charitable institution you prefer to make donations to, it is most likely possible for that charitable institution to get at least a part of the funds when you donate your used car, such as your Saturn SW1. Most used car donation programs will sell the vehicle to increase funds for the reason, use the automobile in the daily operations of the company, or give the automobile, such as a Saturn Relay, to a somebody from Madison in need either for free, or even for under the fair market value. Another advantage of donating a used auto to charity is your chance to simply get rid of the vehicle without needing to attempt to fix or promote it. Most charitable automobile donation plans will anyhow vehicles if they are running or in need of repair. Some cars or trucks which are beyond repair will probably be sold for scrap or parts along with any money received will go to the charitable institution. While there are numerous benefits to charities that receive donations from people, the benefits to the you, the donor may not be too clear. The largest advantage that the majority of people hear about is your opportunity for a tax deduction. There are some limitations on this kind of deduction, so you may choose to speak with a tax professional prior to making the donation. Charitable car donation programs permit you to donate your secondhand car to the charity of your choice. Visit our charities page to pick a charity in Wisconsin to donate to.

Common Donation Questions in Madison

Is there a tax advantage for donating my car or truck in Wisconsin?

We can ensure your vehicle goes to a non-profit organization that's eligible for tax deductible contributions and assist you recieve a reciept for the contribution. You might have the ability to have a tax advantage should you itemize your deductions. For contributions around $500 you're able to utilize Kelley Blue Book and to get larger donations the charity, like Madison Children's Museum, needs to verify what they recieved to the car donation (more info).

How can my car be delivered to the Madison non-profit organization?

We will organize a tow truck to come pick up your vehicle and send it to the non-profit organization, for example Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions, of your own choice. It could not be simpler now, to assist the non-profit organization of your choice!

Do you take donations for vehicles that are lost or damaged parts?

Absolutely, we accept automobiles in all conditions! Go ahead and submit your request to donate, and we will quickly see what we can do for you.

Would you help me locate a Madison charity that is suitable for my morals?

We would really like to help you ensure that your donation goes to your cause in Madison you care personally about by helping you select a charity, such as United Way of Dane County, that satisfies your values. It is so important to us we do it each single time you give with us!

Who can I donate my automobile to in Madison?

Instant Car Donation proudly supports respected local Madison organizations in the area. Our Madison team works hard for you to guarantee the organizaion gets support for your automobile.

What are the DMV paperwork requirements?

All owners around the car title must finish the part of this title labeled "assignment of title by owner" or "transfer of ownership by seller". Most states require printing and signing owner names. You need to fill out any areas that require information about a buyer/purchaser/transferee with information about who you are donating the vehicle to. Instructions may be found by you for your house state here.

How long does this process take?

First we'll contact the non-profit organization of your choice (or select one for you whether you asked that instead) to make certain they want your automobile which takes about one business day. Wewill arrange to come for you for effortless pickup. When it is taking a little more time feel free to get in touch with us.

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Normally, Donating Isn't Easy

Have you ever thought about donating your vehicle to your charity? It might not be as simple as you think. Many charities, such as for instance Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra in Madison, Wisconsin are not equipped to deal with car contributions, as it requires them to employ staff to simply take in the vehicle, evaluate it, sell it, then do most of the paper work and accounting. By this time this procedure is finished, the actual monetary contribution to the nonprofit might be very small after paying to get all of the overhead. Let's in help.

We make it very easy for any nearby charity, such as Domestic Abuse Intervention Services in Madison, Wisconsin to have their particular car donation program because we eliminate most the hassle. When a nonprofit, such as Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation at Madison, Wisconsin spouses with immediate Car Donation, they be given a full scale vehicle donation plan. We take good care of everything and can simply give your charity a donation checked with each of the necessary paper work performed from the intake and purchase of each vehicle.

Our process is straightforward. We are going to take any vehicle, such as for example Honda Odyssey. Simply fill out an intake form. Afterward, we'll contact you to confirm your vehicle donation. Next, we'll ship a tow truck to pick your car up within two days. From that point, we take care of every thing. We'll fix the vehicle and sell it to your most value, in order for your donation will be maximized, or if it's really isn't worth mending up we will sell it as is. It's a Winwin.

The headache of having their own automobile donation program isn't always worth it for local charities, but if we be mindful of all of the heavy lifting, then it is a excellent source of design for non-profits. We help can help local charities such as Olbrich Botanical Society in Madison, Wisconsin and larger charities like Mint Theater Company. As an example, your donation can help Friends of Wisconsin Public Television in Madison, Wisconsin to their assignment.

This sort of fund raising service enables charities like Clean Wisconsin from Madison, Wisconsin to focus their energy and time on what they truly are best at: helping the others. If you get a neighborhood charity, such as Friends of Wisconsin Public Television in Madison, Wisconsin you would like to help and also have an automobile, like a D & N Trailers D & N Trailers to contribute, then simply fill in and intake today and we'll be sure that you are able to make the most out of your donation.

Moreover, in the event you don't see your favourite charity on our site, then feel free to send our website information into the charity and also request that they join our schedule. As an alternative, you can reach out to us in and we'll contact your charity of choice to find out if they'd like to possess their own vehicle donation plan that's fully managed by us. Spread the word and make your preferred local non profit, Lucy Burns Institute at Madison, Wisconsin want to maximize their fundraising and achieve their aims with their very own automobile donation program!

Tips for Donating Your Car

There are two ways to donate your vehicle, like being a Pontiac T1000: the simple way, and the difficult way. What's the way? You can research by yourself and uncover a charity, for example as Henry Vilas Park Zoological Society in Madison, Wisconsin, which you would love to aid. Next, you can find the price of your car, wash it, then list it at a classified or a auction in Madison, sign over the title, arrange for a tow, and sell your car. Subsequent to the car comes and the title is signed over, you can collect the money and then get into the respected charity of one's choice, like Girl Scouts San Diego, so as to donate the profits. After you determine who you should send the check to, you can lose this in the mail. Then, you're able to research using the IRS to learn what kind of tax paperwork you want to file to be able to find credit for the donation, then fill out that paperwork, and apply it in tax time.

It seems time consuming. It feels like a hassle. Are you really going to do it? Not likely. You may too write a check to US-Ireland Alliance. Who's the time?

If you never want to experience that grueling procedure, you can even search online to find a charity, such as Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, which can process your auto donation in Madison, Wisconsin. That is much less time intensive, however, your choices are limited. You can just give your vehicle to organizations who are large enough or have a staff that's able to do all of the steps in the above list for it. But, almost all small to medium sized charities are not determined to process car contributions. That means they are unable to accept your donation. They have been over worked, and mostly surrounded by volunteers. Some times the sum of cash your auto is worth isn't enough to justify the time spent by the charity.

Are you seeking a third choice? If that's the case, keep reading! We will be able to help you donate your own Th!nk Th!nk City into the honored charity of one's choice like Tara Hall! We're your tiny company that partners together with any and every charity to accept car donations. We've got tens of thousands of charities on our site for one to pick from, and if there's a charity you'd like to donate to who's not recorded here, we're willing to get hold of them to get you on your own benefit. We will arrange a free pickup of one's car in Madison or your local area, allow you to transfer your name, and contact the non-profit of one's choice to make certain they receive your donation. We will also make sure you have the paperwork you need come tax time to get the maximum tax contribution. So go on and click the donate button. It couldn't be easier!

How to Donate from the Heart

When you contribute a vehicle, like a Acura CL, then you can contribute from the center. There are a lot of worthy charities out there that are in need of your aid, especially in Madison. Take Wisconsin Historical Foundation in Madison, Wisconsin. This a fantastic example of a charity that touches the lives of numerous in the neighborhood community. We can't all do the major work that United Way of Dane County does, but we can all give a hand to enable and further its mission.

Do you have a car in need of a new residence? Before you click the donate button, then take a while to check through the numerous pages of charities, such as Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, which we partner with. Which of these talk for your heart? Then have a minute to reflect. What fantasies do you need for your people of your area? Then, envision how by even taking an action as little as donating your vehicle in Madison, you are able to make these fantasies come true. Imagine what chain of events your car donation might set off in Madison and beyond.

Do the wishes you have go beyond the pages of our website? Probably. We must all dream big, particularly when it regards the great wishes and joy which people make for others. But some us might find that the charity we wish to donate our car is not listed on this site. We can help! You can still click the donate button and let us understand that there is a respectable charity, such as The Food Project out there which that isn't listed on our site. We'll get that charity and utilize our resources to be sure it is able to receive your donation.

The process is simple. After you click the donate button and tell us you are prepared to give your vehicle, like a BYD Auto BYD e6B. We will organize a free pick-up for your vehicle in Madison or your regional region, and record on the auction to find the maximum price possible so we can produce the most donation possible for your charity of your own choice, including Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association. Not only will you get to donate your vehicle from the center, but you are also eligible for a tax-deduction. We will complete your tax receipt and provide the non-profit with needed IRS paperwork as well as your donation. Giving in the heart could not be easier!