Dalit Freedom Network


The Dalit Freedom Network is a human rights, non-government organization that partners with the Dalit people in India in their quest for freedom, justice, and human dignity by mobilizing human, intellectual, and financial resources. We represent a vast network of justice-minded, modern-day abolitionists committed to freedom for India's "untouchables." We believe we can end Dalit injustices, such as human trafficking and child labor, and make slavery history in India.

How Your Donation Helps

90.8% of your car donation will go toward helping Dalit Freedom Fund with their project: Education.

5.3% will go toward the project: Humanitarian.

3.9% will go toward the project: Building.


Tax Status

IRS Classification: 501(c)(3) Public Charity established 2003

Your donations to Dalit Freedom Fund are tax deductible.

Grouping: Independent - the organization is an independent organization or an independent auxiliary (i.e., not affiliated with a National, Regional, or Geographic grouping of organizations).

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