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Instant Car Donation was founded with the goal of bringing donors and local charities together with an efficient and pleasant process. You can focus on deciding which of our respected charities is right for you instead of worrying about difficulties of researching how to make a donation. After your free pickup, we will assist you in recieving the best tax benefit possible for your generous gift. We take pride in helping smaller charities easily receive car donations, bringing people together while helping support those in the Vienna, Virginia community who need it the most.

Featured Vienna 501(c)(3) Charities

Ending needless death and suffering due to asthma, allergies and related conditions through outreach, education, advocacy and research
Allergy & Asthma Network is the leading nonprofit patient education and advocacy organization for people with asthma, allergies and related conditions. Our patient-centered network unites individuals, families, healthcare professionals, industry and government decision makers to improve health and quality of life for Americans with asthma and allergies. We specialize in making accurate medical information relevant and understandable to all while promoting evidence-based standards of care.
Your voice to help protect Family, Faith, and Freedom.
American Values is committed to uniting the American people around the vision of our Founding Fathers. Centuries ago, our Founders boldly proclaimed to the world a distinctly American faith in democracy; a faith rooted in the self-evident truths that "all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." We believe these liberties need to be upheld and cherished, especially given how closely divided our country seems. American Values serves to remind the public of the conservative principles that are so fundamental to the survival of our nation and to bring support and ideas to policy makers and empower our elected officials to have the support they need to do what is right, noble and good.
Nurturing young scholars to careers of excellence and leadership in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
The Center for Excellence in Education (CEE), founded in 1983, nurtures careers of excellence and leadership in science and technology for academically talented high school and college students. CEE is dedicated to encouraging international understanding among future leaders of the world. CEE's programs challenge students and assist them on a long-term basis to become the creators, inventors, scientists, and leaders of the 21st century. The Center's programs help keep the United States competitive in science and technology and further international understanding among future leaders of the world. Today, the Center sponsors three programs for high school students and teachers: the Research Science Institute (RSI), the USA Biology Olympiad and the Teacher Enrichment Program.
40 Years of Giving
Founded in 1975, the National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation (NADCF) is committed to preserving and promoting private enterprise and personal freedom of mobility by supporting organizations involved in emergency medical care and higher education. NADCF has contributed over $13 million to communities throughout the nation, supporting emergency assistance for dealership employees after natural disasters, as well as scholarships for deserving students. As a result of its collaboration with Canine Companions for Independence to provide trained assistance dogs for children, NADCF is now embarking on a similar mission to help wounded warriors.
The abused and homeless children's refuge
Second Story, formerly Alternative House, founded in 1972, provides support to at-risk children, youth and families through counseling, shelter, crisis intervention and neighborhood outreach. Our programs recognize that families are interdependent and that a crisis or challenge facing one family member affects everyone. We therefore empower children, teens and families to work together and build on their strengths. Our programs include: Second Story for Teens in Crisis, Second Story for Young Mothers, Second Story for Homeless Youth, and Second Story in the Community.
Providing food, clothing, shelter medical attention and the Gospel of Christ to the people of Sudan
Sudan Relief Fund was established for the purpose of bringing food, clothing, shelter, medical attention and the Gospel of Christ to the people of Sudan. At the height of the war we dug bore wells wherever and whenever we were able. Today, we're digging more wells and creating healthful, more permanent sources of life-giving water for the people. We have built a full-scale, 80-bed hospital; we're supplying life-saving medicines, vaccines and much-needed basics like first-aid ointments, bandages and soap; we're moving beyond our first makeshift schools to the development of the first full-fledged educational system ever in the diocese; and we're building centers of education and religious formation. Additionally, we're building basic housing for catechists and teachers, so that they will have clean and safe places to live while doing God's work in the diocese.
For wildlife research, education and conservation
Founded in 1977, the Jane Goodall Institute advances the power of individuals to take informed and compassionate action to improve the environment of all living things. The objectives of the Institute are to: increase primate habitat conservation; increase awareness of, support for and training in issues related to our relationship with each other, the environment and other animals (leading to behavior change); expand non-invasive research programs on chimpanzees and other primates; and to promote activities that ensure the well-being of chimpanzees, other primates and animal welfare activities in general.
Live united
United Way of the National Capital Area mobilizes individuals and organizations in the DC metro region to improve education, financial stability, and health - the building blocks of a good quality of life. That is what it means to "Live United" in the National Capital Area. United Way of the National Capital Area (NCA) helps thousands of people in the District of Columbia, northern Virginia, and Prince George's and Montgomery Counties improve their lives and their futures. United Way NCA manages one of the largest annual workplace fundraising campaigns in the country. Our community support system includes over 730 member charities with access to hundreds of work sites and tens of thousands of donors and volunteers. We also support eight Community Impact Funds, which work to solve complex social issues by directing funds to the most critical areas of need.
Instant Car Donation

There are many charities, like Second Story, in your Vienna, Virginia area which can benefit from your automobile donation. We not only assist you donate to a nearby charity, but we concentrate on providing regional non-profits that are small with an simple way to take donations they can focus on their work that is important. Often the donation is likely to make the biggest difference for charities, for example Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, while helping support those within their Virginia community who want it the most, bringing together individuals. Car donations are the method for people to make a sizable contribution. Because of this, one of their aims is to empower those electing such a benevolent decision by making sure that the car goes to the charity that best reflects their values. We make charity choice an integral part of the procedure, when donating together with us. In case you need us to decide for you which charity would benefit the most we can do this. It is important to Instant Car Donation which you get the largest tax deduction advantage without needing execute extensive research or to navigate complexities possible. We all of our charities that are participating to confirm your donation would be tax deductible. The procedure will be streamlined to both you and the charity of your choice. We will help a 1098-C tax document to you after your completed donation.

Get the Best Possible Tax Benefit for Your Donation in Vienna

In case you've got a charity in mind you would like to donate to, you can donate with us. When there are lots of advantages to charities that receive donations from people, the benefits to the you, the donor may not be as clear. The biggest advantage which most people hear about is your chance for a tax deduction. This usually means that the resale value of the donated vehicle may be written off on your tax return. There are some limitations on this type of deduction, so you might want to talk to a tax professional prior to making the donation. Another advantage of donating a secondhand car to charity is your chance to just eliminate the car without needing to attempt to repair or sell it. Most charitable automobile donation programs will anyhow vehicles whether they are operating in need of repair. Some cars or trucks which are beyond repair will be sold for scrap or parts and any money received will go to the charity. Car donation programs have become popular in Virginia over the previous decade or so, as more charities are searching for new and innovative approaches to create funds. Today, the number of charitable vehicle donation programs is in the hundreds or even tens of thousands. When you've got a favorite Vienna charity you like to make contributions to, it's probably possible for that charity to get at least a part of the funds if you give your old car, like your Falcon F-7. Besides the charitable tax deduction and not having the hassle of managing an older vehicle, the feeling of having the ability to help those in need might be the ideal reason to donate your vehicle, such as your Pontiac Vibe, to a charity. Most used car donation programs will either sell the vehicle to raise funds for the reason, use the automobile, such as a Subaru Crosstrek, in the daily operations of the organization, or provide the vehicle, like a smart smart, to a somebody in need either for free, or for under the fair market value. Charitable vehicle donation programs enable you to donate your secondhand car to the charity of your own choice. Visit our charities page to find a charity in Virginia to donate to. When you choose to generate a donation of a used car, like a Audi Cabriolet, when the charity sells the car to get more than $500 they need to mail you a receipt that lets you subtract the sales cost of the vehicle on your tax return. If the older car you opted to donate isn't worth at least $500, then the IRS allows you to ascertain the reasonable market value. This is actually the value that somebody would be prepared to pay for the automobile if purchasing it from you. To be able to claim the tax deduction, you'll have to itemize your deductions on your tax return. By doing this, you get out by eliminating your car, truck, RV, motorcycle, or other car, without needing to market it in Vienna. You receive the tax benefit, and the charity gets to utilize the car or sells it and uses the proceeds for the good of the charity. That's a wonderful thing for everyone involved.

Common Donation Questions in Vienna

Can there be a financial tax advantage for donating my car or truck in Virginia?

We can guarantee your automobile, such as a Volkswagen Atlas, belongs to some charity that's qualified to receive tax deductible contributions and help you recieve a reciept on the donation. If you itemize your deductions you might have the ability to acquire a tax benefit for your vehicle donation. For donations up to $500 it is possible to utilize Kelley Blue Book and for larger donations the charity, like Allergy & Asthma Network, needs to verify what they recieved to the car donation (more information).

How can my car be picked up?

We will organize a tow truck to come pick up your automobile, such as a Th!nk Th!nk Neighbor, and send it to the non-profit organization of your own choice. It could not be much easier today, to help your non-profit organization, such as National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation, of your choice!

Do you accept donations for cars which are lost or damaged components?

We take cars and trucks in all conditions! Go to the form and submit your request to donate, and our Vienna team will see what we can do for you.

Would you help me locate a Vienna non-profit organization that suits my principals?

We would love to help you ensure your donation goes to a cause in Vienna you care about by helping you select a charity that fulfills your own values. This is so important for us we do so every single time you give with us!

Who can I donate my automobile to in Vienna?

Instant Car Donation proudly supports respected national Vienna organizations that are nonprofit in your area. We work hard for you to guarantee the organizaion gets support from your car.

How do I prepare my Virginia DMV documentation?

All owners on the car title must finish the part of the title tagged "assignment of title by owner" or "transfer of ownership by seller". The majority of states require printing and signing owner names. You need to fill out any fields that need documentation about a buyer/purchaser/transferee with info. You may find instructions here.

How long does this procedure take?

First we will get in touch with the charity, such as Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, of your choice (or pick one for you whether you requested that rather than picked) to make certain they want your vehicle which takes around one business day. We'll arrange to get a tow truck to come for easy pickup. When it is taking a bit more time feel free to get in touch with our support team.

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Green Living through donating your car in Vienna

When you make the decision to give your car, such as a COMMUNITY CARS Kenguru, to confirm a cause that you care about, you recieve the benefit of a tax deduction - and the charity like Friends of the Israel Defense Forces receives the advantage of the financing to host projects or programs. But did you know your automobile donation can offer the benefit of living ?

Recycle, reduce, and repurpose are all conditions we are very comfortable with nowadays. We would like to care for our environment and reduce our carbon footprint, and then conserve the world for future generations in Vienna. We take some opportunity to sort our recyclables to glass, plastics, aluminum and paper. But in case you ever think that cars were a part of recycling? And, most of us do not have enough time or energy to fix our cars up so that we may sell and fetch the highest price for what we have.

That's where we all come in. If you donate your vehicle, we arrange a free pick up and sale of your car at a local market in Vienna. At the market, your automobile is going to be run on by a individual, used car salesman, or mechanic that wants to present your auto fresh life, and has the time and skills to do it. That's to say by donating your car, you're in fact giving it a new function! Who knew that donating a car could attain so many crucial goals simultaneously? When we give a car, we benefit a charity such as Wildlife Center of Virginia by providing them more comprehensive funding, consider the burden of repairing the auto from ourselves and we repurpose and recycle our vehicle!

Can every charity handle the work it requires to process a auto donation? Regrettably, no. Take the example of Sudan Relief Fund in Vienna, Virginia. The Women's Center, Virginia might not find enough efficiency in handling the towing, titlework and selling of a given car. And hence, The Jane Goodall Institute may not have the ability to rely on automobile gifts as a source of funding. But through our streamlined procedure, funding from the selling of your car can really make a difference for non profits like Food Allergy Research & Education. We can lend charities such as Holocaust Documentation & Education Center a hands while some greener, simpler life.

Luxury Cars Donations in Vienna

Is car donation just for clunkers? Lots of men and women think car donation is only so you can get older cars which don't come to an end of their driveway. This isn't correct. Many folks donate attractively re conditioned cars they have been taking great care of. Also, did you understand many auto collectors give their vehicles to charities every year? By way of instance, actress Sharon Stone has been collecting antique cars within the past 21 years and has donated seven of those collectible cars for charities.

Donations like this can help non-profit associations to help people in need, to feed the less fortunate, to educate children, to provide afterschool programs, to provide clothing to homeless folks to help animals and lots of other actions that are favorable. Ofcourse you'll be able to donate some vehicle, like a Hyundai Ioniq Electric, or even perhaps a mycar CV .2, however, what causes Instant Car Donation particular is that people let you choose a local charity like Sudan Relief Fund or even National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation in Vienna, Virginia, so that your contribution can help the local community.

Many car donation programs just allow one to subscribe to a single organization as they are usually hired specifically by this charity because of their designated auto donation supplier. We're very different. We're not hired by charities. This also allows us to help numerous charities across the country such as The Mother Divine Program and Special Olympics Indiana. But, our distinctive power to help local charities such as Coptic Orphans and Sudan Relief Fund at Vienna, Virginia, is our specialization.

The other vinatge car collector who has given cars to charity is Evan Metropoulos, of Metropoulos & Co.. Do you know somebody? Why not inquire if they'd really like to donate it to help a local charity like American Values in Vienna, Virginia or even Jewish World Watch? It might be any car, like being a Ferrari 308GTSi or a D & N Trailers D & N Trailers! The options are infinite.

Simple Living Clear Mind

Junk is outside, easy living is in. Most of us are up to our ears in things, and a few of us are attempting to do something about it! We're doing things such as taking our clothing into Buffalo Exchange or giving up on purchasing new things for the time being trying to make do with what we've. Who would have believed that many Americans would give up their homes and build miniature efficient ones rather? It is not having things the thing which brings us joy.

It is what we do with all the things we've got that matters. We could have considered donating clothing or home products to a local charity, however we may not have realized how much the charity, like Allergy & Asthma Network in Vienna, Virginia, might gain from the donation of a vehicle, such as a Creative Coachworks Creative Coachworks. If we have not thought about it, then we should have a minute to reflect on how much charities, like Allergy & Asthma Network in Vienna, Virginia, are fighting to make ends meet, or even to finance programs that further their mission.

Do you have an unused or unneeded car, like a Dodge Conquest, carrying space on your garage or driveway? Have you ever wondered if there's a better use on the car than just sitting there, cluttering your space? We will be able to help you downsize, and do something good for your regional community. Take a look at our website. On the pages of our website are recorded tens of thousands of charities, such as Kinship United. There is sure to be just one in Vienna, Virginia or your regional area that talks to youpersonally, whose mission which you feel is well worth supporting. Or, if there's a particular charity that you want you give a supporting hand you can let us know the name of charity and we are going to contact them for you, to make sure they can receive your donation. is a site which could enable you to help a charity which speaks to your heart, and help you simplify your life. It won't cost you anything --you simply need to take a moment or two to press on the donate button and send us some information concerning the car that you want to donate, like a EQUUS AUTOMOTIVE EQUUS AUTOMOTIVE. We'll arrange a free pickup for your vehicle in Vienna or the regional region, and record on the auction to get the highest price possible so we can make the maximum donation potential to the charity of your own choice, likeSecond Story. Not only can you get to donate your vehicle from the heart, but you are also qualified for a tax-deduction. We will finish your tax receipt and also offer the non-profit with needed IRS paperwork in addition to your contribution. Giving from the center could not be easier!

Tips for Donating Your Car

There are two approaches to give your car, like being a Chevrolet Corsica: the easy way, and also the hard way. What's the hard way? You'll be able to research by yourself and uncover a charity, such as for example Center for Excellence in Education from Vienna, Virginia, that you may love to guide. Next, you can discover the value of your vehicle, wash it, then list it in a classified or an auction at Vienna, sign over the title, arrange for a tow, and then sell your vehicle. After the car is sold and the name is signed over, you can collect the capital and then get into the honored charity of your choice, such as Public Concern Foundation, so as to donate the proceeds. When you determine that you are supposed to send the test to, you can drop it in the email. Then, it is possible to research with the IRS to find out what sort of tax paper work you want to file to be able to get credit for the donation, fill out that paperwork, and apply an application at tax time.

It appears time-consuming. It feels like an inconvenience. Are you going to get it? Not likely. You may too write a test to United Way of Hall County. Who has time?

If you don't want to experience that grueling process, you can even search on the web to work out a charity, such as National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation, which can process your car donation in Vienna, Virginia. That is significantly less time intensive, but your choices are somewhat not limited. You may just donate your car or truck to organizations that are large enough or have a team that is ready to do all of the steps listed above because of it. But, most small to medium sized charities are not determined to process car contributions. That means that they are unable to accept your contribution. They are over worked, and mostly staffed by volunteers. Some times the sum of money your automobile is worth isn't enough to justify the time spent by the charity.

Are you currently hoping to find a third alternative? If so, read on! We can allow you to donate your smart smart to the honored charity of your choice like The Dawson McAllister Association! We are a little business that partners with every charity to accept car donations. We've got tens of thousands of charities on our site to allow one to choose from, and when there is a charity you would want to subscribe to who isn't listed here, we're willing to contact them for you personally in your behalf. We'll arrange a free pickup of your car from Vienna or your local area, assist you to move your name, and contact the non-profit of your option to make sure they receive your donation. We will also make sure that you have the paper work that you need come tax time to get the most tax contribution. So go ahead and click the donate button. It couldn't be easier!