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Incorporated in 1976, Pioneer Bible Translators bridges the gap between the church and the Bible-less peoples around the world. PBT teams around the world are ministering to 22 million people in 58 different language projects in 12 countries. During 2012, PBT personnel processed over 159,000 verses of Scripture from one stage of the translation process to the next. This includes rough drafts, exegetical check, comprehension check, peer check, consultant check, published, and revised. Numerous individual books of the Bible were published, along with other discipleship materials in local languages. Audio recordings in local languages were also produced.

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85.8% of your car donation will go toward helping Pioneer Bible Translators with their project: Bible Translation, Literacy, Mobilization.

11.1% will go toward the project: Recruitment.

3.1% will go toward the project: Missionary Care.



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IRS Classification: 501(c)(3) Public Charity established 1975

Your donations to Pioneer Bible Translators are tax deductible.

Grouping: Independent - the organization is an independent organization or an independent auxiliary (i.e., not affiliated with a National, Regional, or Geographic grouping of organizations).

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