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Instant Car Donation was founded with the goal of bringing donors and local charities together with an efficient and pleasant process. You can focus on deciding which of our respected charities is right for you instead of worrying about difficulties of researching how to make a donation. After your free pickup, we will assist you in recieving the best tax benefit possible for your generous gift. We take pride in helping smaller charities easily receive car donations, bringing people together while helping support those in the Bellaire, Texas community who need it the most.

Featured Bellaire 501(c)(3) Charities

Revitalizing and Transforming Buffalo Bayou
Created in 1986, Buffalo Bayou Partnership (BBP) is the non-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing and transforming Buffalo Bayou, Houston's most significant natural resource. BBP's geographic focus is the 10-square mile stretch of Buffalo Bayou from Shepherd Drive to the Port of Houston Turning Basin. The BBP board and staff have raised and leveraged more than $150 million in private and public funds for the redevelopment and stewardship of the bayou - spearheading capital projects such as Buffalo Bayou Park and Sabine Promenade, protecting land for future parks, constructing hike and bike trails, and operating comprehensive maintenance programs. Buffalo Bayou Partnership also seeks ways to activate Buffalo Bayou through pedestrian, boating and biking amenities; volunteer activities; permanent and temporary art installations; and wide-ranging tours and events that attract thousands.
Helping kids stay in school and prepare for life
Beginning in 1979, Communities In Schools of Houston (CIS) began making a difference in the stay-in-school and graduation rates among Houston area schools! The mission of CIS is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. CIS is based on the belief that programs don't change people-relationships do! CIS of Houston works with at-risk students in grades pre-K through post-secondary, by placing a full-time social service provider on the school campus to implement a student-centered, goal-oriented, solution-focused case management model, which is a process for assessing and meeting a student's needs. CIS Project Managers are committed adults who invest in at-risk students' personal and academic success, building significant relationships with students to encourage him/her to set and attain academic, personal, and career goals.CIS mental health professionals provide mental and behavioral health support services for over 6,600 students annually, and partners with community mental health providers under the CIS Mental Health Initiative. Within that initiative mental health services are provided to meet the specific needs of Newcomer students and their families who are recent immigrants or refugees. The CIS Project MOVE Dental provides preventative and restorative dental care to 1,200 students annually in partnership with the University of Texas Dental Branch. The collective impact of these and hundreds of CIS partnerships throughout the community projects well into the future with each student who successfully completes school and succeeds in life.
Life changing medical mission
Incorporated in 1994, the mission of Faith In Practice is to improve the physical, spiritual, and economic conditions of the poor in Guatemala through short-term surgical, medical and dental mission trips and health-related educational programs. Our mission is based on an ecumenical understanding that as people of God we are called to demonstrate the love and compassion that is an outward sign of God's presence among us. Faith In Practice's life-changing medical mission is to minister to the poor, while providing a spiritually enriching experience for our volunteers.
Making a difference in Jewish lives
The Jewish Federation of Greater Houston was originally founded in 1936 as the Jewish Community Council to provide for Jewish social welfare and philanthropic works. Since that time, the Federation has generated and distributed more than $100 million to meet the wide-ranging needs of the Jewish community by working with our numerous community partners, both locally and globally. Our mission is to preserve and enrich Jewish communal life through innovative and visionary leadership that is responsive and responsible to Jewish communities locally, nationally, in Israel, and around the world.
Delivering intelligent compassion to people in complex situations
Houston-based Millennium Relief & Development Services is a network of international development centers and field workers who live long-term among the people they serve. These workers speak the local language and are experts in the local culture. By listening to and understanding the needs of the people, field workers design social investment projects to help solve human problems at the local level. Our projects focus health and social services, micro-economic development, education, disaster relief and assistance, and consulting services.
Transforming Lives Through Recovery, Healing and Learning.
Open Door Mission is a faith and evidence based recovery and rehabilitation facility dedicated to transforming the lives of the most severely addicted, destitute, homeless and disabled men in our community.The Mission's goal is to help each person heal holistically - mentally, physically and spiritually. We do this with three programs:RECOVERY: The Alan and Ann Craft DoorWay Alcohol and Drug Recovery Program is an intensive, 9-month, life-transforming residential recovery program with a curriculum of self-discovery and spiritual renewal, EEG OC Biofeedback. After graduation, a transition program is in place in order to transition the men to independent living.LEARNING: The Education Center offers free GED classes, adult literacy and computer classes for our residents. All classes are open to the community.HEALING: The Russell M. Scott, Jr., M.D. Convalescent Care Center (RMSCCC) is a clean, secure place where men can recover from accidents, illnesses or surgery.
Dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless men, women and their children
Founded in 1907, Star of Hope is a Christ-centered community dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless men, women and their children. Positive life changes are encouraged through structured programs which focus on spiritual growth, education, employment, life management and recovery from substance abuse. On any given day, there are approximately one thousand homeless men, women and children being helped at the Men's Development Center, the Women and Family Emergency Shelter, the Transitional Living Center for Women & Families and New Horizons. The key to the success of Star of Hope Mission is its comprehensive approach to addressing the diverse issues, both immediate and long term, that impact homeless individuals and families.
Connecting Knowledge...and Enhancing Lives.
The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (TIRR) Foundation seeks to improve the lives of people who have sustained central nervous system damage through injury or disease. TIRR Foundation created, directs and funds Mission Connect, a collaborative neurotrauma research project. Mission Connect is focused on the discovery of preventions, treatments and cures for central nervous system damage caused by brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and neurodegenerative diseases. TIRR Foundation also supports youth programs including a summer camp and sports team for wheelchair dependent children. To aid with the rehabilitation of patients, TIRR Foundation provides funding to purchase critical equipment within one of Houston's premier rehabilitation outpatient clinics.
Instant Car Donation

Car donations are the way for many folks to create a donation. Because of this, one of their aims is to enable those making a choice by ensuring that the automobile, such as your Saab 9-7, goes into the charity that represents their values. make charity decision an integral part of the process, when donating together with us. Should you need us to decide for you which charity would benefit the most rather we could do that. It is important to Instant Car Donation which you get the greatest tax deduction advantage without needing to navigate complexities or execute extensive research possible. We pre-qualify all of our charities, for example Faith In Practice, that are engaging to confirm your donation will be tax deductible. The process will be streamlined for both you and the charity of your own choice. We'll help you with a 1098-C tax document after your contribution that is completed. There are many charities, like Millennium Relief & Development Services, in the Texas area which may benefit from your automobile, like your Dodge RAM 50, donation. We not only help you contribute to a nearby charity, but we also focus on providing an effortless means to small they can concentrate on their work that is important to accept donations. Often the donation will make the difference for these non-profit organizations, while helping encourage those within their regional Bellaire community who need it the most bringing together people.

Get the Best Tax Benefit for Your Vehicle in Bellaire

Besides the charitable tax deduction rather than getting the hassle of dealing with an older vehicle, the feeling of having the ability to help those in need may be the best reason to donate your automobile to a non-profit organization. When you choose to make a donation of a old automobile, if the charitable institution, such as Jewish Federation of Greater Houston, sells the vehicle to get over $500 they are required to mail you a receipt that lets you deduct the sales cost of the automobile, such as your Lincoln MKS, on your tax return. If the older car you made a decision to donate is not worth at least 500 dollars, then the IRS lets you determine the fair market value. This is actually the value that someone would be willing to buy the car in Bellaire if purchasing it from you. As a result, you make out by eliminating your car, truck, RV, motorcycle, or other vehicle, without needing to market it in Bellaire. You claim the tax benefit, along with the charity gets to utilize the car, like your Honda S2000, sells it and uses the proceeds for the good of the charitable institution, like Jewish Federation of Greater Houston. That is a win-win for everyone involved. Car donation programs are becoming more popular in Texas over the past decade or so, as more charities are looking for new and innovative ways to generate funds. Today, the number of charitable car donation programs numbers in the hundreds or even thousands. If you've got a favorite Bellaire non-profit organization you want to make donations to, it is probably possible for that charitable institution to receive at least a portion of the funds if you donate your old automobile. Most used auto donation programs will sell the vehicle to increase funds for the cause, use the car, like your Subaru WRX, in the everyday operations of the organization, or provide the car, such as your Red Baron Motors Red Baron Motors, to a somebody from Bellaire in need either at no cost, or even for less than the fair market value. One more advantage of donating a used auto to charity would be your chance to just get rid of the car without having to attempt to repair or promote it. Most charitable vehicle donation programs will anyhow vehicles if they are running in need of repair. While there are many benefits to charities that receive donations from individuals, the benefits to the you, the donor may not be as apparent. The biggest advantage that the majority of people hear about is the opportunity for a tax benefit. There are some limits on this kind of deduction, so you may want to talk to a tax pro before making the donation. Charitable car donation programs allow you to donate your used auto to the charity of your choice. Visit our charities page to locate a charity in Texas to contribute to.

Common Donation Questions in Bellaire

Can there be a financial tax benefit for donating my automobile in Texas?

We can guarantee your car belongs to some non-profit organization, like Faith In Practice, that's qualified help you recieve a reciept on the contribution and for tax deductible contributions. Should you itemize your deductions you may be able to receive a tax advantage. For donations around $500 you can use Kelley Blue Book and to get bigger donations the non-profit organization, for example Millennium Relief & Development Services, must verify what they recieved for the automobile donation (more info).

How can my car be delivered to the Bellaire charity?

We will arrange a tow truck to come get your automobile and send it for you. It couldn't be much easier now, to help the non-profit organization, for example Faith In Practice, of your choice!

Do you take donations for cars and trucks which are damaged or lost parts?

We take cars and trucks in all states! Go ahead and ask to donate, and we will see what we are able to do.

Can you help me find a Bellaire non-profit organization that suits my values?

We would love to assist you ensure that that your donation goes to your cause in Bellaire you care personally about by assisting you to choose a non-profit organization that satisfies your private values. This is so important for us we do it each single time you give with us!

Who can I donate my car or truck to in Bellaire?

Instant Car Donation proudly supports many respected national Bellaire organizations that are nonprofit in the local area. Our Bellaire team works with dedictation for you to guarantee maximum support is recieved by the organizaion for your vehicle.

What paperwork is required in Texas?

All owners on the title must finish the section of this title labeled "assignment of title by owner" or "transfer of ownership by seller". Most states require printing and signing owner names. You should fill out any areas that need information concerning a buyer/purchaser/transferee with info. Instructions may be found by you.

How long does this process take?

First we will contact the non-profit organization, like Faith In Practice, of your choice (or pick one for you if you asked that rather than picked) to make certain they want your vehicle, like a Jeep Commander, which takes about one business day. After that we'll arrange to get a truck to come for you for pickup. When it's taking a bit longer don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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Green Living through donating your car in Bellaire

If you make the choice to give your vehicle, like a Porsche 944, to confirm a cause that you care about, you recieve the benefit of a tax deduction - and the charity such as Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity receives the advantage of the funding to host programs or projects. But were you aware that your automobile donation may provide the benefit of greener living ?

We take the opportunity to sort our recyclables into plastics, glass, paper and aluminum. But did you ever feel that cars were a major portion of recycling? Donated automobiles, such as a BYD Auto BYD e6B, are in need of repairs and upgrade. And, the majority of us do not have the time or energy to fix up our cars so that we are able to sell ourselves, and bring the highest price for what we have.

That is where we come in. When you donate your vehicle, we arrange a complimentary pick up and sale of your car at a nearby market in Bellaire. In the auction, your car will be bid on by a person, used car salesman, or mechanic that would like to give your auto fresh life, and has the time and skills to do it. That is to say by donating your vehicle, you're actually giving it a new function! Who understood that donating a car could attain a lot of critical goals simultaneously? As soon as we donate a vehicle, we benefit a charity such as The Kentucky United Methodist Homes for Children & Youth by providing them much-needed funding, consider the load of repairing the car from ourselves and we recycle and interrogate our car!

Can each charity handle the job it requires to process a auto donation? Regrettably, no. Take the example of Jewish Federation of Greater Houston in Bellaire, Texas. Star of Hope Mission might not find enough efficiency in managing the towing, titlework and purchase of a given car. And hence, Faith In Practice may not be able to rely on automobile gifts as a source of financing. But through our streamlined process, funding from the selling of your car can really make a difference for non profits like Star of Hope Mission. We can give charities like BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life) a hands while a greener, more simple life.

Junk as Treasure

Have you got a vehicle, like a BYD Auto BYD e6B, just sitting in your garage or on your driveway that you have been intending to get rid of? Maybe you think it is too outdated, or it is in need of repair or refurbishing. Many of us are prepared to leave an unnecessary automobile sitting in our our driveway for a long time without even spending the time or cash to fix it. So that car sits and sits and sits. Let's be honest. Are we really likely to put in the time and cash to fix this car? If we had been, would not we've done it? Not only is that this old car an eyesore, but we're also missing out on the opportunity to use this precious resource to help a charity such as Himalayan Cataract Project!

One man's junk is another man's treasure, or so the saying goes. This is certainly the case with car donations. A car, such as a AM General MV-1, that is unnecessary by you might supply just the correct amount of funding to a charity in Bellaire or beyond to meet its funding to get a present or future job. If you donate your vehicle, you are giving a precious treasure to some charity, because your donation allows them to keep their work locally. Jewish Federation of Greater Houston at Bellaire, Texas is this a nonprofit. Its call to actions is directly encouraged by your donation--you can help the charity of your choice, such as Millennium Relief & Development Services, to expand the reach and breadth of their great actions from the neighborhood!

We pride ourselves in assisting you to convert your unwanted auto to real treasure! Click on the contribute button today to start the procedure. After you let us know which you are prepared to donate your vehicle, we will arrange for a completely free pickup in Bellaire or the local region and sell your vehicle. All you have to do is tell us which admired charity meets the call of your own heart, and we'll do the rest. The best part is that if you receive the advantage of clearing out old, unnecessary junk, you also get to offer financing to the charity of your choice, such as Ventures, and finally, you receive the most tax benefit for your donation. We will provide you with a tax receipt for your donation, and ensure that the charity of your choice receives the contribution in addition to the required IRS paperwork to accept your donation.

Donation Help Numbers

Vehicle donation has played a vital part in charitable giving over the last few years and has assisted many non-profits such as All Our Kin to increase the effect in their communities. Giving has always been a source of finance for non-profit associations, such as Museum of Jewish Heritage - A Living Memorial to the Holocaust. However, where would the contributions really go? Are they helping as much as we think? Let's take a look. In

Donations to schooling charities: $59.77 billion, or 15 percent of contributions, went to schooling charities. This was up 3.6 % from 2015.

Donations to individual services charities: $46.8 billion, or 12% of all donations went to human solutions and have been up 4.0 percent.

Donations to foundations: $40.56 billion, 10% of all donations went to foundations and therefore were up 3.1%.

Donations to health charities: $33.14 billion, or 8 percent of contributions went to medical charities, which has been a 5.7 percent growth.

Donations public advantage charities: $29.89 billion or 8% of contributions went to society and public benefit charities, which had been up 5.8 percentage.

Donations to the Environment and hens charities:$11.05 billion or 3% of all donations went to Environment/Animals up 7.2 percent from 2015.

Lastly, the greatest percentage of contributions in 2016 went to Religious Organizations: $122.94 billion, went into religious associations, or 32 percent of all contributions.

Since you can see, charitable contributions are rising, which is a fantastic thing as our favorite charities, such as Formula 1 Street Com Formula 1 Street Com need as much assistance as they can get! In Instant Car Donation we're doing our part to boost charitable contributions through vehicle donation. You are able to donate any type of automobile, such as a Owosso Pulse. It's an effortless way to assist. It's possible to donate your car, whether a Daewoo LANOS or a Eagle MEDALLION to assist a non-profit of your choice, for example Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, simply fill out the intake form and we'll be in touch to take good care of the process.

*All data is the property of Giving USA 2017  Annual Report on Philanthropy.