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Instant Car Donation was founded with the goal of bringing donors and local charities together with an efficient and pleasant process. You can focus on deciding which of our respected charities is right for you instead of worrying about difficulties of researching how to make a donation. After your free pickup, we will assist you in recieving the best tax benefit possible for your generous gift. We take pride in helping smaller charities easily receive car donations, bringing people together while helping support those in the Austin, Texas community who need it the most.

Featured Austin 501(c)(3) Charities

We enrich the lives of children when they're not in school
The Andy Roddick Foundation, takes the time children spend outside the classroom and turn it into real opportunities. Over and over again, we engage children in high quality learning and enriching experiences after school and during the summer — the months and times of day when children who feel left out and forgotten need us the most. Too many children in Central Texas do not have access to high-quality learning and enrichment that will keep their hard-earned academic skills sharp. Through high-quality afterschool activities developed in cooperation with the Austin Independent School District, as well as an acclaimed six-week summer program, investing in innovative summer activities, and other joint initiatives with key groups throughout the city, we are creating new chances for all kids to grow in literacy, STEM, art, and sports — all during months and times of day when statistics show they're typically most at risk and falling behind.
Engage. Empower. Experience.
Our mission is to engage and empower youth through education and outdoor experiences. All of our programmatic goals center on equipping the youth that we serve with knowledge to break the cycle of poverty and experience success as adults. Thus, our vision is to ignite infinite possibilities for Austin's youth.Currently, ASC provides opportunities for youth in Central Texas through our week-long summer camps at Zilker Park and Lake Travis. In addition, we offer more extensive support to middle-school youth in Austin ISD through our Sunshine Afterschool program, launched in the 2014-15 school year. Through the summer camps and afterschool opportunities, ASC will serve over 1,000 low-income youth in 2015.
The positive place for kids
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area works to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens. We provide kids a safe place to learn and grow; ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals; and life-enhancing programs and character development experiences. With 18 Clubs here in Austin, we help over 12,000 kids each year (and over 1,700 each day) grow into healthy responsible, caring young adults.
Nourishing hungry people and leading the community in ending hunger
In its 35th year of service, the Central Texas Food Bank (formerly the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas) provides food and grocery products to 250 Partner Agencies in 21 Central Texas counties. The Food Bank service area covers 19,604 square miles in Central Texas. The mission of the Central Texas Food Bank is to nourish hungry people and lead the community in ending hunger. Food and grocery products distributed by the Food Bank go to human and social service agencies. These Partner Agencies provide hot meals served on-site or groceries to families and individuals in need. The Food Bank distributed nearly 34 million pounds of food in its last fiscal year.
America's Kids Cooking for Life!
The mission of Common Threads is to educate low-income children on the importance of nutrition and physical wellbeing, empowering them to be agents of change for healthier families, schools, and communities. By providing children with a toolkit of knowledge and skills, we can help prevent childhood obesity and reverse the trend of generations of non-cookers, getting America's kids cooking for life!
Providing training and education on public issues
The Interfaith Education Fund (IEF) provides training and education for community, civic, and religious organizations and for the general public on public issues affecting the welfare of the Southwestern U.S. IEF's programs include the educational initiative, training parents in theories of education and school restructuring; the Mott Foundation, raising funds to support the work of IEF and the education initiative in particular; the civic culture initiative, providing training and organizing assistance to volunteer leaders seeking to engage their neighbors in conversation and action on community issues; and work strategy, providing training, organizing and research assistance to volunteer community leaders on the state of local, national and world economics and labor markets.
Love in action
Manos de Cristo was founded in 1988 and is committed to empowering low-income individuals regardless of age, gender, race, or religious preference by promoting dignity and self-reliance. Inspired by the Christian ideals of service and compassion, Manos de Christo's services empower homeless individuals and the working poor of Austin to builds self-esteem and self-confidence and the ability to participate fully in the life of the community. Manos is a safe place for the homeless and working poor of Austin to come for emergency food and clothing, oral health care, and education.
Protecting and healing children, young adults and families in need
The SAFE Alliance is a merger (which took place in January 2017) of Austin Children's Shelter and SafePlace, both long-standing and respected human service agencies in Austin serving the survivors of child abuse, sexual assault and exploitation, and domestic violence. The SAFE Alliance's mission is to lead in ending sexual assault and exploitation, child abuse, and domestic violence through prevention, intervention, and advocacy for change.
Instant Car Donation

There are many charities in the neighborhood Austin, Texas area which could benefit from your automobile, such as your Volkswagen MULTI-VAN, donation. We not only assist you contribute to a charity, but we also focus on supplying an simple means to small so that they can focus on their work that is important to take donations. The donation is likely to make the difference for such non-profit organizations, like Manos De Cristo, while helping encourage those in their regional Austin, Texas community who need it the most, bringing folks together. It's important to Instant Car Donation that you get the largest allowable tax deduction advantage without needing to navigate complexities or carry out research possible. We pre-qualify all of our participating charities, for example Andy Roddick Foundation, will be tax deductible. The procedure will be streamlined to both you and the charity of your own choice. We will provide you after your donation with a 1098-C tax form. Car donations are the method for many individuals to create a charitable contribution. Because of this, one of our major aims is to enable those electing such a choice by making sure that the car goes into the charity which reflects their values, such as Marathon Kids. make charity choice an integral part of the process when donating with us. We can do that too, in case you would like us to pick for you that charity would benefit the most.

Get the Best Tax Deduction for Your Vehicle in Austin

Besides the charitable tax deduction and not having the hassle of managing an older car, the feeling of being able to assist those in need might be the very best reason to give your automobile, like a Mercedes-Benz SL-Class, to a non-profit organization, like Miracle Foundation. An additional advantage of donating a secondhand car to charity is the chance to simply eliminate the automobile, like a Isuzu Amigo, without needing to try to fix or sell it. Most charitable automobile donation plans will anyhow vehicles whether they're operating or in need of repair. Some cars or trucks that are beyond repair will be sold for scrap or parts along with any money received will go to the charity. When you opt to make a donation of a old vehicle, such as a GMC Cutaway Van,, if the charity sells the vehicle, like your Subaru Standard, to get more than $500 they need to send you a receipt that lets you subtract the sales cost of the vehicle in your tax return. If the old car you chose to donate isn't worth at least 500 USD, then the IRS allows you to determine the reasonable market value. This is actually the value that somebody would be inclined to pay for the vehicle if purchasing it from you. By doing this, you make out by getting rid of your used car, truck, RV, motorcycle, or other car, without having to sell it in Austin. You receive the tax benefit, and the charity either gets to use the vehicle, such as a Saab 9-2X, or sells it and uses the proceeds for the benefit of the charity. That is a wonderful thing for everybody involved. Car donation programs are becoming popular in Texas over the past ten years or so, as more charities are searching for new and creative ways to create funds. Today, the amount of charitable vehicle donation programs is in the hundreds or even tens of thousands. If you have a favorite Austin charity you prefer to make contributions to, it's probably possible for that charity to receive at least a part of the funds when you give your old car. Charitable vehicle donation programs allow you to give your secondhand car to the charity of your choice. Visit our charities page to find a charity in Texas to donate to. Most used auto donation programs will either sell your vehicle to increase funds for your cause, utilize the car, such as a Daewoo NUBIRA, in the daily operations of their company, or give the car to a somebody in need either for free, or even for less than the fair market value. When there are numerous advantages to charities which receive donations from people, the advantages to the you, the donor might not be as apparent. The biggest advantage that the majority of individuals hear is your chance for a tax deduction. There are some limits on this sort of deduction, which means you could want to talk to a tax professional before making the donation.

Common Donation Questions in Austin

Can there be a tax benefit for donating my car or truck in Texas?

We can ensure your car goes to a charity, such as Texas Civil Rights Project, which is eligible help you recieve a reciept on your donation and for tax deductible donations. You may be able to receive a tax advantage for your auto 18, should you itemize your deductions. For contributions up to $500 you're able to utilize Kelley Blue Book and for larger contributions the non-profit organization must confirm what they recieved for the car donation (more information).

How will my car be picked up?

We'll organize a tow truck to come pick up your automobile, such as your Audi Q3, and deliver it for you. It could not be simpler now, to help your charity of your choice!

Do you take donations for cars that are damaged or missing parts?

Certainly, we take vehicles in all states! Go ahead and submit your request to donate, and we will quickly see what we can do.

Would you help me locate a Austin non-profit organization that is suitable for my personal principals?

We'd like to help you ensure your donation goes to a cause in Austin you care about by assisting you to select a charity that meets your values. It is important for us we do it every time you give with us!

Who can I donate my automobile to in Austin?

Instant Car Donation proudly supports many respected local Austin nonprofit organizations in the regional area. We work with dedictation for you to make sure maximum support is recieved by the organizaion for your car.

How do I prepare my Texas DMV documentation?

All owners on the car title must finish the section of the car title labeled "assignment of title by owner" or "transfer of ownership by seller". The majority of states require signing and printing owner names. You need to fill out any areas that require information about a buyer/purchaser/transferee with information. You may find directions.

Will this be completed quickly?

First we will contact the non-profit organization, for example Interfaith Education Fund, of your choice (or pick one for you whether you asked that rather than picked) to make certain they want your vehicle, like a Alan Autosports Gt Malan, which takes about one business day. After that we'll arrange to get a tow truck to come for easy pickup. When it is taking a bit more time don't hesitate to give us a call.

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How to Donate from the Heart

When you donate a vehicle, such as a BYD Auto BYD e6B, then you can contribute from the heart. There are so many deserving charities out there which are in need of your help, particularly in Austin. This a excellent illustration of a charity which touches the lives of numerous in the neighborhood community. We can't all do the important work that Meals on Wheels Central Texas does, however, we can all lend a hand to empower and further its mission.

Have you got a vehicle in need of a new residence? Before you click on the donate button, then take a while to look through the many pages of charities, such as The Rodale Institute, which we associate with. Which of them talk to your heart? Then have a moment to reflect. What dreams do you have for the people of the community? After that, envision how by even taking an action as little as donating your vehicle in Austin, you are ready to help make one of these fantasies come true. Imagine what sequence of events that your car donation might put off in Austin and beyond.

Do the fantasies that you have go beyond the pages of our site? Probably. We need to all dream big, particularly when it concerns the great wishes and joy which people earn for others. But literally, some us may find that the charity we wish to donate our automobile is not listed on this site. We can help! You can still click on the contribute button and then let us know that there is a worthy charity, like Boys & Girls Clubs of the Emerald Coast out there which that is not listed on our site. We will get that charity and utilize our tools to make sure it can receive your donation.

The procedure is straightforward. After you click on the donate button and then tell us you are ready to give your car, such as a Lexus LC500 / LC 500h. We'll arrange a free pick-up for your vehicle in Austin or your regional area, and list on the auction to acquire the maximum price possible so that we can produce the maximum donation possible to the charity of your own choice, like Breakthrough. Not only will you get to donate your vehicle from the center, but you're also qualified for a tax-deduction. We will complete your tax receipt and provide the non-profit with desired IRS paperwork as well as your contribution. Giving from the heart could not be simpler!

Should I Donate My Car?

Trying to choose whether or not to donate your vehicle? While donating a vehicle, such as Opel Roadster, is a great means to receive a tax-deduction, the advantages of donating your car in Austin go beyond tax season. Donating a car creates a real difference for charities, that are looking for creative ways to boost their effects on local communities. Perhaps it doesn't appear to be a auto donation could really affect the bottom line of a charity, like Junior League of Austin, that way, but if we take time to actually examine the situation of the majority of little and midsize non-profits in our community community, we will most likely discover they are all doing their very best to serve the biggest amount of people, but with very limited means.

Take the instance of Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation in Austin, Texas, a Tiny neighborhood non-profit. Like every small non-profit, it is always on the lookout for ways to improve its contributions so that it may provide additional solutions to its target community. Though a lot of large nonprofits, like Manship Theatre, have paid staff that may receive and sell a given car to boost help increase its revenue, a small non-profit like Livestrong Foundation may not have the staff to accept a vehicle and process your donation of a Lexus IS.

We can help! We work together with charities to make sure that they all have the capability to receive a car donation. By clicking on the donate button, and donating your car to a small organization like this, you supply them with the opportunity to get unforeseen funding that might extend the duration or reach of a current job, or to even launch a new project that will have been impossible without your contribution. Donating your car is something you can do now, simply with the click of a button. We are going to arrange a complimentary pickup in Austin and arrange to sell your car.

All you want to do is tell us about the vehicle that you wish to donate, such as a Audi A3, and select the charity that you would like to help many. We're connected to a network of thousands of charities and also have the ability to reach out into any charity for your benefit. Our intention is to provide needed funding to all of those charities who are doing significant work in our own communities, but have limited funding and staff. So, what are you waiting for? Click on the contribute button today and let us put your vehicle donation to function for all the neighborhood!

Donation Help Numbers

Vehicle donation has played a vital part in charitable giving within the past few years and has assisted several non-profits such as Back2Back Ministries to boost the impact in their own communities. Giving has always been a source of fundraising for non-profit associations, for example Humane Society of Berks County. However, where would the donations actually go? Are they really helping as far as we think? Let's take a look at the amounts from 2016. In

Donations to schooling charities: $59.77 billion, or 15 percent of contributions, went to schooling charities. This was up 3.6 % from 2015.

Donations to human services charities: $46.8 billion, or 12% of contributions went to human services and were up 4.0 percent.

Donations to bases: $40.56 billion, 10% of all donations went to foundations and so were up 3.1 percent.

Donations public benefit charities: $29.89 billion approximately 8 percent of all donations went to society and public benefit charities, that has been up 5.8 percentage.

Contributions to Culture, Humanities and Arts : $18.21 billion or 5% of all donations went into Arts, Culture, and Humanities, which was up 6.4 percent.

Donations to the Environment and Animals charities:$11.05 billion or 3% of contributions went to Environment/Animals, up 7.2 % from 2015.

At length, the greatest percentage of contributions in 2016 moved into Religious Organizations: $122.94 billion, went to religious organizations, or 32 percent of all donations.

As you may see, charitable donations are rising, and it is a fantastic thing as our favourite charities, for example Kia Forte Koup want as much assistance as they can get! In Instant Car Donation we're doing our part to boost charitable donations through vehicle donation. You can donate any kind of car, including a Electric Mobile Cars Electric Mobile Cars. It's an effortless way. You can donate your vehicle, whether a Bentley Arnage or a Creative Coachworks Creative Coachworks to enable a nonprofit of your selection, such as Cato Institute, just complete the intake form and we'll be in touch to take good care of the procedure.

*All data is the property of Giving USA 2017  Annual Report on Philanthropy.

Tips for Donating Your Car

There are two ways to give your car, such as being a Ford Laser: the easy way, and the tough way. What's the way? You'll be able to research on your own and locate a charity, such as Greater Austin First Tee in Austin, Texas, that you may love to support. Next, you'll discover the value of your vehicle, wash it, then list it at a classified or a auction in Austin, register over the name, arrange for a tow, and then sell the vehicle. After the vehicle is sold and the name is signed you will collect the capital and then contact the honored charity of one's choice, like Pasado's Safe Haven, to be able to donate the profits. After you determine who you should send the test to, then you can lose this in the mail. Following that, you can research with the IRS to learn what sort of tax paperwork you need to document so as to get credit for the donation, then fill in that paperwork, and apply an application at tax time.

It seems time-consuming. It seems like an inconvenience. Are you going to do it? Not likely. You may too write a check to National Day of Prayer Task Force. Who's the time?

If you do not desire to experience that grueling procedure, you can even research online to find a charity, like Humanities Texas, that could process your auto donation in Austin, Texas. This is much less time consuming, however, the options are limited. You can only give your car or truck to associations that are large enough or have a team that is able to do all the actions listed above for it. But, almost all small to medium sized charities aren't staffed to process car gifts. That means that they are unable to accept your contribution. They have been overworked, and mostly surrounded by volunteers. Some times the sum of money your car may be worth isn't enough to justify the time spent with the charity.

Are you hoping to find a third alternative? If so, continue reading! We can assist you to donate your Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato to the honored charity of one's decision like Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley! We are a little company that partners together with any and every charity to accept car donations. We have tens of thousands of charities around our site to allow one to select from, and if there's a charity you'd want to subscribe to who's not listed here, we are willing to get hold of them for you personally in your own behalf. We'll arrange a free pickup of your car in Austin or the regional area, assist you to move your title, and contact the non of one's decision to make certain they receive your donation. We'll also ensure that you have the paper work that you want come tax period to find the maximum tax donation. So go ahead and click on the donate button. It mayn't be easier!