What Paperwork Is Needed To Donate My Vehicle

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Transferring Your Title

Your title will have to be transferred so that your car can be sold at auction for the charity to receive your donation. You can almost always transfer the title of the car without a trip to the DMV. If you would like, we are here to help you with this process via live chat

You will need to sign it over as your name appears on the title. You should fill in all applicable fields (usually "assignment of title by owner" or "transfer of ownership by seller") on the title certificate. Occasionally, this includes providing an odometer reading. Leave dealer reassignements blank.


Additional Individual State Requirements

Some states require you to cancel your vehicle registration when you donate your car, which may be possible online.

Also it may be necessary to return the license plates to your DMV.


Do I Have/Need a Clear Transferable Title

Only some states require a clear and transferable title. To qualify, a title must be under the name of the person completing the transfer.

All liens on the title must be released via being signed off or a seperate lein release document.

Often if there are two people on the title both must sign, unless there is an "or" between their names.