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Instant Car Donation was founded with the goal of bringing donors and local charities together with an efficient and pleasant process. You can focus on deciding which of our respected charities is right for you instead of worrying about difficulties of researching how to make a donation. After your free pickup, we will assist you in recieving the best tax benefit possible for your generous gift. We take pride in helping smaller charities easily receive car donations, bringing people together while helping support those in the Midwest City, Oklahoma community who need it the most.

Featured Midwest City 501(c)(3) Charities

Bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope
Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity builds houses for the economically disadvantaged. Our vision is a world where everyone has a decent and affordable place to live. Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. We believe that no one lives in dignity until everyone can live in dignity. We believe that every person has something to contribute and something to gain from creating communities in which all people have decent, affordable places to live. We believe that dignity and hope are best achieved through equitable, accountable partnerships.
Share the power of a wish.
Make-A-Wish® Oklahoma grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Since being founded in 1982, our chapter has granted more than 2,700 wishes to eligible Oklahoma children. The Oklahoma chapter is part of the largest wish-granting organization in the world, with 63 chapters in the United States and its territories, along with affiliates in 33 countries on five continents. Make-A-Wish® estimates a positive impact on more than 300,000 individuals each year.
Preserves and interprets the evolving history
The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is America's premier institution of Western history, art and culture. Founded in 1955, the museum in Oklahoma City collects, preserves and exhibits an internationally renowned collection of Western art and artifacts while sponsoring dynamic educational programs and ground-breaking scholarly research to stimulate interest in the enduring legacy of our American West. More than 10 million visitors from around the world have sought out this unique museum to gain better understanding of the West: a region and a history that permeates our national culture.
Providing the community with quality, accessible and affordable arts programming and education
Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, formed in 1989 as City Arts Center by Christian Keesee and Kirkpatrick Foundation Director Marilyn Myers, is committed to providing the community with quality, accessible and affordable arts programming and education. Oklahoma Contemporary is able to educate Oklahomans through adult classes and workshops, art camps for local youth, art exhibitions, lectures, and film nights. Oklahoma Contemporary encourages artistic expression in all its forms through education and exhibitions and endeavor to instill in the public a lifetime appreciation of the arts and enthusiasm for creative practice.
Nationals reaching nationals
Our mission is in our name - Reaching Souls. For 30 years, our Strategic Purpose has been to reach the maximum number of people for Christ in the shortest amount of time and in the most efficient ways. Our strategy of Nationals Reaching Nationals has over 1,700 National Missionaries in 9 African nations, Cuba, and India.
Fighting Hunger ... Feeding Hope.
With a mission of "Fighting Hunger … Feeding Hope," the Regional Food Bank has more than 30 years of experience in feeding hungry Oklahomans of all ages, races and genders. The Food Bank serves as a link between food distributors, donors in the community and Oklahomans in need by efficiently distributing food and products through its programs to 850 charitable partner agencies and schools located in 53 central and western Oklahoma counties. More than 1,200 deliveries, including deliveries to rural, underserved areas of the state, are made throughout a 48,000 square mile area each month.
Enriching people's lives by revealing the wonder and relevance of science
Founded in 1958, Science Museum Oklahoma enriches people's lives by revealing the wonder and relevance of science. Every year we inspire more than 500,000 people to explore, learn and play. Whether it's helping teachers bring science alive in their classrooms or creating opportunities for families to learn together, Science Museum Oklahoma is dedicated to transforming how people learn about science.
Bringing social and economic equality to impoverished citizens in our community
The Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City was established in 1946 as an affiliate of the National Urban League and a United Way Partner Agency. Today, the Urban League serves more than 10,000 clients annually. Our mission is to assist African Americans, other minorities and the poor achieve social and economic equality. We work to accomplish this mission through advocacy, research and program services in five major areas: employment & training, children & families, entrepreneurship, urban health and affordable housing.
Instant Car Donation

There are lots of charities, such as Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, in your Midwest City, Oklahoma area which could benefit from your automobile donation. We not only assist you contribute to a nearby charity, but we also concentrate on supplying an easy means to local non-profits that are small that they can concentrate on their work that is important to take donations. The donation will make the largest difference for charitable institutions, for example Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, while helping to encourage those within their neighborhood Midwest City, Oklahoma community who need it the most, bringing folks together. Car donations are the most responsible method for many people to create a large contribution. Due to this, one of our aims is to empower those electing such a benevolent decision by making sure that the vehicle goes to the charity which reflects their values. make charity decision an essential part of the procedure, when donating with us. We can do that too, if you need us to pick which charity would be helped the most. It's necessary to Instant Car Donation that you get the allowable tax deduction advantage without needing carry out extensive research or to navigate complexities possible. We pre-qualify all of our 501-3C non-profit charities that are participating will be tax deductible. The procedure will be streamlined for both you and the charity of your own choice. We will provide a 1098-C tax document to you following your contribution that is finished.

Get the Best Possible Tax Benefit for Your Car in Midwest City

Aside from the charitable tax benefit and not with the hassle of managing an old vehicle, like a GMC Sonoma, the sensation of being able to help those in need might be the best reason to donate your vehicle to a charity. When you choose to generate a donation of a old car, like your BMW 325iS, when the charitable institution sells the automobile, like your Falcon F-7, to get over $500 they have to mail you a receipt that allows you to deduct the sales cost of the car, like your Nissan Stanza, on your own tax return. If the old car you decided to donate is not worth at least 500 USD, then the IRS lets you ascertain the fair market value. This is the value that somebody would be ready to spend money on the automobile in Midwest City if buying it from you. Using this method, you make out by eliminating your old car, truck, RV, motorcycle, or other car, without having to market it in Midwest City. You receive the tax deduction, along with the charity gets to utilize the automobile or sells it and uses the profits for the benefit of the charity, such as Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. That's a wonderful thing for everybody involved. Car donation programs are becoming more popular in Oklahoma over the previous ten years or so, as more charities are looking for new and creative approaches to generate funds. Today, the number of charitable automobile donation programs is in the hundreds or even thousands. If you've got a favourite Midwest City charity, like Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, you like to make donations to, it's probably possible for that charity to receive at least a part of the funds if you donate your old automobile. Most old automobile donation programs will sell the vehicle to increase funds for your reason, utilize the automobile in the everyday operations of their company, or provide the car, like a Fiat Spider 2000, to a somebody from Midwest City in need either for free, or for less than the average market value. Another benefit of donating a used auto to charity would be your opportunity to just get rid of the car without needing to try to fix or promote it. Most charitable car donation plans will anyhow vehicles if they're operating in need of repair. Some trucks or cars which are beyond repair will probably be sold for scrap or parts along with any cash received will go to the charity, like Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. When there are lots of benefits to charities which receive donations from individuals, the benefits to the you, the donor might not be too apparent. The biggest advantage that most people hear about is the chance for a tax deduction. This means that the resale value of the donated vehicle may be written off in your own tax return. There are some limitations on this type of deduction, so you may want to talk to a tax pro before making the donation. Charitable car donation programs allow you to donate your secondhand car to the charity of your choice, like Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. Visit our charities page to decide on a charity in Oklahoma to contribute to.

Common Donation Questions in Midwest City

Can there be a financial tax deduction for donating my car or truck in Oklahoma?

We can guarantee your vehicle belongs to some non-profit organization which is eligible help you recieve a reciept on the contribution and to receive tax deductible donations. You might have the ability to receive a tax benefit should you itemize your deductions. For donations up to $500 you're able to use Kelley Blue Book and for bigger donations the charity, for example Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, must confirm what they recieved for the auto donation (more info).

How can my car be delivered to the Midwest City charity?

We'll organize a tow truck to come pick up your vehicle, like a Fiat 500, and send it to the non-profit organization of your choice. It couldn't be easier to assist the non-profit organization, for example Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, of your choice now!

Do you take donations for automobiles that are damaged or lost parts?

Absolutely, we take vehicles in all states! Go ahead and submit your request to contribute, and our Midwest City team will quickly see what we can do.

Can you help me locate a Midwest City non-profit organization that suits my personal morals?

We'd love to assist you ensure that your donation goes to your cause in Midwest City you care personally about by helping you select a charity, for example Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, that meets your values. In fact, it is so important to us we do so each single time you contribute with us!

Who can I donate my car to in Midwest City?

Instant Car Donation proudly supports most respected national & local Midwest City nonprofit organizations in the area. We work hard for you to guarantee the organizaion gets support from your car or truck.

What are the paperwork requirements?

All owners around the title must complete the section of the car title tagged "assignment of title by owner" or "transfer of ownership by seller". The majority of states require registering and printing owner names. You need to fill out any fields that require information about a buyer/purchaser/transferee with info. You may find instructions.

Will my donation be finished quickly?

First we'll speak to the charity of your choice (or select one for you whether you requested that rather than picked) to make sure they want your own automobile which takes around one business day. We'll arrange to get a tow truck to come for pickup. When it's taking a little more time feel free to contact our support team.

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Luxury Cars Donations in Midwest City

Is car donation for clunkers? Many men and women think car donation is simply to get older cars that don't run out of their driveway. This isn't correct. Many people donate beautifully re conditioned cars they have been taking care of. Additionally, did you realize many motor vehicle collectors give their vehicles each year? As an example, actress Sharon Stone was collecting antique cars within the previous 21 years and it has donated seven of those trackable cars to charities.

Donations like this will help charitable associations to simply help people in need, to feed the less fortunate, to teach youngsters, to provide after school programs, to offer clothing to homeless folks to help animals and lots of other beneficial deeds. Needless to say you can donate any vehicle, like being a Nanchang Freedom Technology Limited Company LPG-Truck, or even a Mercedes-Benz 560, however, that which generates Instant Car Donation unique is that we allow you to pick a local charity like Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma or even Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma from Midwest City, Oklahoma, in order for your donation can help your neighborhood community.

Many vehicle donation programs just permit one to subscribe to a single organization as they're often hired specifically by this charity because of their designated vehicle donation provider. We are different. We're not hired by charities. We develop partnerships and are independent. This makes it possible for us to help hundreds of charities all over the country like Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education and New York Cares. But, our unique capability to help local charities such as Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma in Midwest City, Oklahoma, is the specialization.

His cars had been an original 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda and a 1968, 350 horsepower Chevrolet Corvette convertible, were definitely maybe not junkers! Would you know someone? Why don't you ask them if they would like to contribute it to help a local charity such as Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma at Midwest City, Oklahoma or Shane's Inspiration? It might be any vehicle, like being a Hyundai Elantra (ADa) or even a D & N Trailers D & N Trailers! The options are endless.

Junk as Treasure

Have you got a vehicle, like a Acura NSX, simply sitting in your garage or in your driveway that you've been meaning to get rid of? Maybe you believe it is too outdated, or that it's in need of repair or refurbishing. A lot of us are eager to leave an unneeded auto sitting in our our driveway for a long time without spending the time or money to fix it. We believe that eventually we'll get around to selling it to get a bit of extra cash, but it's at the base of our list of priorities. So that car sits, and sits and stays. Let's be fair. Are we going to put in money and time to fix this car? If we were, would not we have done it already? Not only is that this older automobile an eyesore, but we're also missing out on the opportunity to apply this valuable resource to enable a charity like The United Way of Amarillo & Canyon!

1 man's junk is another man's treasure, so they say. This is certainly true with automobile donations. A car, such as a Aston Martin Vanquish S, that is unneeded by you might provide just the perfect amount of funding to some charity at Midwest City or beyond to meet its budget for a current or future project. If you donate your vehicle, you are giving a valuable treasure to a charity, as your donation helps them to continue their important work locally. Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma at Midwest City, Oklahoma is such a nonprofit. Its call to actions is directly supported by your donation--you can help the charity of your choice, such as Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, to extend the reach and breadth of the great actions in the local community!

We pride ourselves in assisting you to convert your unwanted car to actual treasure! Click the contribute button now to start the process. After you let us know which you are ready to give your car, we will arrange to get a completely free pick-up in Midwest City or your regional region and sell your car. All you want to do is let us know which admired charity meets the phone of your own heart, and we will finish up. The very best part is that while you have the benefit of clearing out old, unnecessary crap, you also get to provide funding to the charity of your own choice, such as Woods Humane Society, and finally, you get the most tax benefit for your donation. We will supply you with a tax receipt for the donation, and make sure the charity of your choice receives your contribution in addition to the required IRS paperwork to take your contribution.