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National Medical Fellowships' (NMF) mission is to provide scholarships for underrepresented minorities in medicine. Our primary goal is to achieve equity of opportunity in medicine and equity of access to quality healthcare for all groups in American society by increasing the number of minority physicians and changing the face of medicine to better reflect-and serve our diverse nation. NMF programs fund need-based and merit scholarships during the first years of medical study and experience-based opportunities for more senior students, increasing the number of culturally competent providers and addressing some of the cultural barriers that ultimately contribute to disparities. Since 1946, National Medical Fellowships has awarded over $39 million to more than 28,000 recipients.

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54.5% of your car donation will go toward helping National Medical Fellowships Inc. with their project: Scholarships and Awards.

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IRS Classification: 501(c)(3) Public Charity established 2010

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