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Instant Car Donation was founded with the goal of bringing donors and local charities together with an efficient and pleasant process. You can focus on deciding which of our respected charities is right for you instead of worrying about difficulties of researching how to make a donation. After your free pickup, we will assist you in recieving the best tax benefit possible for your generous gift. We take pride in helping smaller charities easily receive car donations, bringing people together while helping support those in the Las Vegas, New Mexico community who need it the most.

Featured Las Vegas 501(c)(3) Charities

Revolution from the heart of nature
Founded in 1990, Bioneers provides a forum and social hub for education about solutions presented through the Bioneers Conference and our programs. Our media productions leverage this content to reach millions of people around the nation and the world with our award-winning radio series, Bioneers: Revolution From the Heart of Nature; anthology book series; television programs; and our interactive website. The Bioneers Conference is a leading-edge forum where you can see tomorrow today: a future environment of hope. Social and scientific innovators focus on breakthrough solutions inspired by nature and human ingenuity. In 2008, more than 12,000 people attended our main Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, California and 18 local Beaming Bioneers satellite conferences across the country.
The Little Shelter that Could
Our mission is to end animal suffering due to overpopulation and preventable diseases, especially in underserved communities.
Perpetuating the artistic legacy of Georgia O'Keeffe
The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, opened to the public in July 1997, eleven years after the death of the artist from whom it takes its name. Welcoming more than 2.2 million visitors from all over the world and the most visited art museum in the state of New Mexico, it is the only museum in the world dedicated to an internationally-known woman artist. The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum is dedicated to perpetuating the artistic legacy of Georgia O'Keeffe and to the study and interpretation of American modernism. The Museum's collections, exhibitions, research center, publications, and education programs contribute to scholarly discourse and serve diverse audiences.
Santa Fe's performing arts center
Since opening in 1931, The Lensic has been an anchor in Santa Fe's downtown. Now, the restored theater thrives as the city's premier performing arts center, with a diverse program of world-class theater, music, dance, film and lecturers. More than just a performance venue, the Lensic is an organization with extensive programs that build partnerships within the community, provide support to fellow non-profits and include youth in all aspects of the performing arts. And we are working hard, alongside the many performing groups who use the Lensic, to ensure that audiences are continually offered new and exciting performances by presenting our own unique programs and collaborating with local artists to develop original works.
Philanthropic Support for Our State's Cultural Heritage
The mission of the Museum of New Mexico Foundation is to support the Museum of New Mexico system through fund development for exhibitions and education programs, financial management and advocacy. The Museum of New Mexico includes the New Mexico History Museum/Palace of the Governors, the New Mexico Museum of Art, the Museum of International Folk Art, and the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture/Laboratory of Anthropology; the Office of Archaeological Studies; and seven State Historic Sites - Coronado, Fort Seden, Fort Stanton, Jemez, Lincoln, Bosque Redondo Memorial at Fort Sumner, and El Camino Real Historical Trail Interpretive Center.
Promoting the professionalization of anthropology and the recognition of Southwestern Native American arts and artists
SAR supports innovative research and public education through seminars, lectures, and residential fellowships focused on the comparative, historically informed study of human societies; promotes Indigenous creativity through artist residencies; and stewards one of the world's finest research collections of Southwest Native American art.
A contemporary art space
Founded in 1995, SITE Santa Fe is a non-collecting contemporary arts organization committed to enriching the cultural life of Santa Fe and beyond by providing an ongoing venue for exhibitions of artists who merit international recognition and complementary education and multidisciplinary public programs. SITE Santa Fe is committed to exhibiting and exploring the dialogues generated by contemporary art. The scope of public programming is diverse, and appeals to the interests of a wide audience. Considering both historic and current perspectives, SITE brings in scholars, curators, and artists from all over the world with specialties ranging from contemporary art to science. SITE Santa Fe's Education and Public Programs department aims to make contemporary art accessible to the widest range of audiences within the community.
A force for nature
WildEarth Guardians was formed in January of 2008 from the merger of Forest Guardians, Sinapu, and the Sagebrush Sea Campaign. With offices in Boulder, Denver, Phoenix and Santa Fe, WildEarth Guardians brings people, science, and the law together in defense of the American West's rivers, forests, deserts, grasslands, and the delicate web of life to which we are inextricably linked. Our Wildlife Program seeks to prevent extinction and ensure protection of native plants and animals in the West. Our Wild Places program works to protect the West's natural wildness and beauty while restoring previously degraded areas to a more natural state. The Wild Rivers Program works to keep our cleanest water clean, and the Climate & Energy Program works to set the West on a sustainable energy path that will benefit native ecosystems as well as the economy.
Instant Car Donation

Car donations are the most fiscally accountable method for individuals to produce a large charitable contribution. Due to this, one of their main aims is to enable those electing a choice that is benevolent by ensuring that the vehicle goes into the charity that represents their values. We make charity choice an essential part of the procedure when donating with us. We can do this too, if you want us to decide that charity would be helped the most instead. It's important to Instant Car Donation that you get the allowable tax deduction advantage without needing carry out extensive research or to navigate complexities possible. We pre-qualify all our participating 501-3C non-profit charities to verify your donation will be tax deductible. The process will be streamlined to both you and the charity of your choice. We'll help you after your finished contribution with a 1098-C tax document. There are many charitable institutions in your Las Vegas, New Mexico area which could benefit from your automobile donation. We not only assist you contribute to a nearby charity, but we also focus on providing local non-profits that are small with an effortless way that they can concentrate on their work to accept donations. Often the donation will make the difference for non-profit organizations, bringing folks together while helping to encourage those within their Las Vegas, New Mexico community who want it the most.

Get the Best Tax Benefit for Your Car in Las Vegas

If you've got a charity in mind you would like to contribute to, then you can donate with us. When there are lots of advantages to charities which receive donations from individuals, the benefits to the you, the donor may not be as apparent. The largest advantage that the majority of folks hear about is the chance for a tax deduction. There are a few limits on this sort of deduction, so you could want to talk to a tax professional before making the donation. Another benefit of donating a used auto to charity would be your chance to simply eliminate the vehicle without needing to attempt to repair or promote it. Most charitable vehicle donation plans will anyhow vehicles if they're running or in need of repair. Car donation programs are becoming popular in New Mexico over the previous decade or so, as more charities are looking for new and innovative approaches to create funds. Nowadays, the number of charitable car donation programs is in the hundreds or even thousands. When you've got a favorite Las Vegas charity you prefer to make donations to, it's probably possible for that charity to get at least a part of the funds if you donate your old car, such as your Oldsmobile Cutlass. Besides the charitable tax deduction rather than with the hassle of handling an older vehicle, the sensation of being able to assist those in need may be the best reason to give your car to a charity. Most used auto donation programs will sell the vehicle to increase funds for your reason, utilize the automobile in the everyday operations of the organization, or provide the automobile, such as a Isuzu T7F, to a somebody who needs help either at no cost, or for less than the average market value. Charitable vehicle donation programs permit you to donate your used auto to the charity of your own choice. Visit our charities page to decide on a charity in New Mexico to donate to. When you opt to generate a donation of a used automobile, like a Mazda Tribute, when the charity sells the vehicle, such as a GMC Cutaway Van, for more than $500 they are required to mail you a receipt which allows you to deduct the sales price of the vehicle, like your Scion iQ, in your own tax return. If the old car you made a decision to donate is not worth at least $500, then the IRS allows you to determine the reasonable market value. This is actually the value that somebody would be happy to pay for the car, such as your Buick Enclave, if buying it from you. You claim the tax benefit, along with the charity either gets to use the automobile sells it and uses the profits for the benefit of the charity. That is a wonderful thing for everybody involved.

Common Donation Questions in Las Vegas

Can there be a tax advantage for donating my car or truck in New Mexico?

We can ensure your car belongs to some non-profit organization which is eligible to receive tax deductible contributions and help you recieve a reciept on the contribution. If you itemize your deductions you may be able to have a tax benefit. For contributions up to $500 it is possible to use Kelley Blue Book and also for larger donations the non-profit organization needs to verify what they recieved for the car donation (more information).

How can my car be sent to the Las Vegas charity?

We will organize a tow truck to come get your vehicle and send it to the non-profit organization, such as Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, of your choice. It couldn't be simpler now to assist your charity, like The Santa Fe Opera, of your choice!

Do you accept donations for automobiles that are damaged or missing parts?

Certainly, we take vehicles in all conditions! Go to the form and submit your request to donate, and we will see what we can do.

Can you help me find a charity that suits my principals?

We would like to assist you make sure your donation goes to a cause in Las Vegas you care about by helping you select a charity, for example SITE Santa Fe, that meets your values. This is so important for us we do it every time you give with us!

Who can I donate my car or truck to in Las Vegas?

Instant Car Donation proudly supports many respected national & local Las Vegas nonprofit organizations in the area. Our Las Vegas team works with dedictation for you to be sure support is recieved by the organizaion for your car or truck.

How do I prepare my New Mexico title?

All owners on the title must finish the part of the title labeled "assignment of title by owner" or "transfer of ownership by seller". Most states require printing and signing owner names. You should fill out any fields that need documentation concerning a buyer/purchaser/transferee with info about who you are donating the automobile to. Directions may be found by you for your house state here.

How long does this process take?

First we'll speak to the charity, such as The Santa Fe Opera, of your choice (or pick one for you whether you requested that instead) to make sure they want your own automobile, such as your Daewoo NUBIRA, which takes around one business day. After that we'll arrange to get a truck to come for pickup. If it is taking a little more time don't hesitate to give us a call.

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Luxury Cars Donations in Las Vegas

Is car donation just for clunkers? Many people think car donation is only for getting old cars which do not run out of this driveway. This isn't correct. Lots of people donate attractively re conditioned cars that they've been taking care of. Also, did you understand many vehicle collectors donate their vehicles to charities every year? For example, actress Sharon Stone was collecting antique cars within the previous 21 decades and has donated seven of those trackable cars to charities.

Donations in this way can help non-profit associations to simply help people in need, to nourish the less fortunate, to teach youngsters, to provide afterschool programs, to give clothing to displaced folks, to help creatures and many other actions that are favorable. Needless to say you're able to donate any car, such as being a Red Baron Motors Red Baron Motors, or even a Bugatti Chiron, but what causes Instant Car Donation exceptional is that people let you choose a local charity such as SITE Santa Fe or even School for Advanced Research from Las Vegas, New Mexico, in order for your donation can help your local community.

Many vehicle donation programs only permit one to contribute to one organization because they are often hired specifically by that charity because their designated auto donation supplier. We are different. Charities not hire us. We develop partnerships and therefore are independent. This also makes it possible for us to help numerous charities around the country such as HomeFront, CT and Dutchess County SPCA. However, our distinctive ability to help local charities like Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society and Training Resources for the Environmental Community in Las Vegas, New Mexico, is the specialty.

The other vinatge car collector who has given cars to charity is Evan Metropoulos, of Metropoulos & Co.. He also donated two vehicles worth $350,000 to help charitable causes. Do you know some one with an extra vehicle? Why don't you ask them when they would want to give it to help a local charity like Training Resources for the Environmental Community in Las Vegas, New Mexico or even National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty? It can be any vehicle, like a Aston Martin Lagonda or even a Lexus LC500 / LC 500h! The options are infinite.

Simple Living Clear Mind

Junk is outside, simple living is really in. The majority of us are around our ears in things, and some people are attempting to do something about it! We're doing things such as taking our clothes into Buffalo Exchange or giving up on buying new items for the time being trying to cope with what we have. Who'd have believed that some Americans would give up their houses and build tiny efficient ones rather? It isn't having stuff that brings us happiness.

It is what we do with what we have that matters most. We may have thought of donating clothing or home goods to a local charity, however we might not have realized just how much that charity, such as International Folk Art Alliance at Las Vegas, New Mexico, would benefit from the donation of a vehicle, like a Ferrari 599 GTB. If we haven't thought about it, then we should take a moment to reflect on how much most charities, such as Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society at Las Vegas, New Mexico, are trying hard to make ends meet, or to fund programs which further their mission.

Do you have a unneeded automobile, such as a Mercury MARQUIS, taking space on your driveway or garage? Have you ever thought about if there's a better use for the car than just sitting up there, cluttering your distance? We will be able to help you downsize, and do something good for your regional community. Have a look at our website. On the pages of our site are recorded tens of thousands of charities, like LOGOI. There is guaranteed to be just one in Las Vegas, New Mexico or your local region that speaks to you, whose assignment which you feel is worth encouraging. Or, if there's a particular charity which you want you give a supporting hand to, then you can tell us the name of the charity and we are going to contact them to you, to make sure that they can receive your donation. is a web site that can enable you to help a charity which speaks to your heart, and also help you simplify your own life. It will not cost you anything --you simply need to have a minute or 2 to press the donate button and then send us any information regarding the car that you wish to donate, such as a GMNA (Opel & Daewoo) Roadster/G2X. We'll organize a free pickup for your car in Las Vegas or the neighborhood area, and record at auction to get the maximum price possible so we could produce the utmost donation potential to the charity of your choice, likeSITE Santa Fe. Not only would you get to give your car from the center, but you are also qualified for a tax-deduction. We will finish your tax receipt and also offer the non-profit with needed IRS paperwork as well as your contribution. Giving from the center could not be easier!

Donation Help Numbers

Vehicle donation has played a vital part in charitable giving over the last couple of years and has assisted many non-profits such as Chicago Shakespeare Theater to raise the effect in their communities. Giving has always been a source of finance for non-profit organizations, such as Lange Foundation. However, where do the contributions go? Are they really helping as far as we think? Let us peek. In 2016 contributions went:

Donations to schooling charities: $59.77 billion, or 15 percent of all donations, went to instruction charities. This was up 3.6 percent from 2015.

Donations to individual services charities: $46.8 billion, or 12% of all donations went to individual solutions and so were up 4.0 percent.

Donations to bases: $40.56 billion, 10 percent of all contributions went to bases and so were up 3.1 percent.

Donations public benefit charities: $29.89 billion or 8 percent of contributions went to society and public benefit charities, which was up 5.8 percentage.

Donations to Culture, Humanities and Arts $18.21 billion or 5 percent of all donations went into Arts, Culture, and Humanities, that was up 6.4 percent.

Donations to the Environment and Animals charities:$11.05 billion or 3% of all donations went to Environment/Animals, up 7.2 % from 2015.

Lastly, the greatest proportion of contributions in 2016 moved into Religious Organizations: $122.94 billion, went into religious associations, or 32% of all contributions.

Because you may see, charitable contributions are rising, and it is a good thing as our favourite charities, like CONTEMPORARY CLASSIC CARS Ravenhawk need as much help as they can get! At Instant Car Donation we are doing our part to boost charitable contributions through automobile donation. You can donate any sort of car, such as a Daihatsu Charade. It's an easy method to help. It's possible to donate your car, whether its a FortuneSport VES Rk.S or a Nissan Axxess to assist a nonprofit of your own choice, for example Camp Beech Cliff, just complete the intake form and we'll be in contact to take good care of the procedure.

*All data is the property of Giving USA 2017  Annual Report on Philanthropy.

Donation Trends in Las Vegas, New Mexico

Once you give a car, like a Strother Welding Strother Welding, you are linking the millions of Americans who contribute to charitable causes every year. You may think that you do not have enough money or resources to truly bring about a cause you to rely on. But, donating a car is among the best ways which you can add your support your favourite local charity, such as International Folk Art Alliance in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Despite the fact that it's really a tiny act, your area in Las Vegas, New Mexico and beyond will many thanks!

In actuality, at 2016, charitable giving was measured about 390.05 million dollars, or 2.1 percent of their GDP for the exact same calendar year. It's likewise reported that charitable giving has increased year nearly each year since 1976. Even more unexpected is the fact that young people now give even more than their seniors did, even if they were the same age.

Are you really surprised that Americans contribute so much and in lots of ways? You may ask yourself, how would you best talk about the tools you need to create the neighborhood community you live in a better place? If you own a car, like a MINI Cooper S Paceman ALL4, that you aren't using, or will be sitting on your own garage or driveway, why not donate for a charitable cause? Whether your vehicle be new or old, working nicely or needing to some other lifetime, you'll be able to contribute it to the charity of your choice further its crucial assignment. Especially, small and moderate sized nonprofits like Bioneers are in need of extra funds in order to further their reach in the local community. Charities like Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival in Las Vegas, New Mexico, are always needing to windfalls to increase or expand their own charitable activities. When you donate your vehicle, you breathe new life into these important apps, while you can help them receive abrupt new financing.

Giving must be simple, but if not it? We think so too. To give your vehicle, whatever you need to do is go through the donate button. We'll contact you to set up a free pickup for your vehicle in Las Vegas, New Mexico or your neighborhood location. . All you have to do is tell us which respected charity, such as Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Foundation, you would like to benefit throughout your donation, and we'll care for the othersof the We associate not just all the tens of thousands of charities listed on our website, but if you wish to help a charity which individuals do not currently list, we will enter contact with this charity for you so as to complete the donation process. We'll also provide you with paperwork that will assist you to get the maximum tax deduction for your donation! Donating your vehicle is a win win every moment!