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Ways to Maximize Your Car Donation Itemized Tax Deduction Value


The Instant Car Donation Advantage

Donating your car is an excellent way to get a federal itemize tax deduction. We would like to help guide you through the process and assist you with recieving the maximum allowable deduction for your car. The first step is to follow our easy donation process to help a local charity you care about. We will ensure every charity you can donate to on our site is eligable for tax deductions and an 501(c)(3) organizaion.

IRS Donation Classifications

Since 2005 the IRS has made it has been easier to determine the deduction value. When you donate your car it will be sold and the proceeds will go to the charity you selected. We will send you a reciept within a month of your vehicle being sold. In order to increase the sale price, and thus your tax deduction, you may wish to clean your car before pickup and have a clean title ready.