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Instant Car Donation was founded with the goal of bringing donors and local charities together with an efficient and pleasant process. You can focus on deciding which of our respected charities is right for you instead of worrying about difficulties of researching how to make a donation. After your free pickup, we will assist you in recieving the best tax benefit possible for your generous gift. We take pride in helping smaller charities easily receive car donations, bringing people together while helping support those in the Melrose, Massachusetts community who need it the most.

Featured Melrose 501(c)(3) Charities

Unlimited Food for Education
Akshaya Patra USA supports the mission of Akshaya Patra by raising funds and awareness for the school meal program. The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a secular non-profit organization in a public private partnership with the Indian government, which implements the world's largest NGO managed mid-day meal program. Akshaya Patra began as a pilot program feeding 1,500 children daily in five schools. Driven by the vision of its founders and Board members, today Akshaya Patra feeds more than 1.5 million in over 11,501 government schools in 10 states from 22 centralized and 2 de-centralized kitchen locations. Akshaya Patra employs 5800 employees to prepare and distribute the meals every day. We have set an aggressive goal of serving 5 million children by 2020.
Embrace, educate, empower
Beverly Bootstraps was first established in 1992 as a food pantry in the basement of the First Baptist Church. With the generous support of our donors, volunteers and the community at large, we have grown to be a leading social service agency on the North Shore. We are unique in our approach to the issues of hunger. While recognizing that people need food in hand to stem immediate hunger, our clients also need the opportunity to be embraced by the community, educated about the resources available and empowered to improve their own lives. As we continue to grow, our commitment to the community remains the same: to provide critical resources to families and individuals so that they may achieve self-sufficiency. We accomplish this while maintaining our commitment to fiscal responsibility and serving as trusted stewards of the organization.
Neighbors helping neighbors
Founded in 1969, the Council of Social Concern is a charitable, community-based agency responding to the basic needs of people of all ages, providing early childhood education and care, helping individuals develop their potential, creating positive family and community relationships, and fostering respect for diversity. We envision a viable agency providing quality services that meet basic and changing community needs in-line with our mission.
Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy
The FHS Society is the world's largest and most progressive grassroots network of facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) patients, their families and research activists. We are solely dedicated to treating and curing FSHD through basic, translational and clinical research. We empower scientists by ensuring access to patients, resources and funds for FSHD research and development. The FSH Society empowers patients by ensuring them a voice to convey what it is like to live with muscular dystrophy. We engage and support tens of thousands of patients and their families and friends in thousands of communities worldwide. FSHD is one of the nine primary types of muscular dystrophy, with a major symptom of the progressive weakening and loss of skeletal muscles.
Saving homeless animals across America
The Northeast Animal Shelter, established in 1976, is one of New England's largest animal shelters that does not destroy any of the pets entrusted to its care. We have placed thousands of dogs and cats since we opened our doors. Our programs include: Puppies Across America, rescuing abandoned puppies from across the U.S.; Sato Rescue, rescuing dogs from Puerto Rico; Spay/Neuter Assistance, breaking the cycle of unwanted animals; Humane Education Program, teaching schoolchildren how to be responsible and loving pet owners; Foster Care Program, where loving foster parents often mean the difference between life and death; the Senior Visitation Program, bringing animals to visit nursing homes and other special needs facilities; and children's birthday parties with the animals.
Journey through a world of art and culture
Founded in 1799, the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) is America's oldest continuously operating museum. The mission of the PEM is to celebrate outstanding artistic and cultural creativity by collecting, stewarding, and interpreting objects of art and culture in ways that increase knowledge, enrich the spirit, engage the mind, and stimulate the senses. Through its exhibitions, programs, publications, media, and related activities, PEM strives to create experiences that transform people's lives by broadening their perspectives, attitudes, and knowledge of themselves and the wider world. PEM's collections - many ranking among the finest of their kind - include 854,000 works of art and culture. Peabody Essex collections also encompass twenty-two historic buildings, including Yin Yu Tang, the only complete Qing Dynasty house located outside China.
Helping children see a broader palette of life choices
Raw Art Works (RAW) creates a culture where every artist feels welcomed, connected, and committed to our community. RAW is there for kids when they struggle with a piece of art or a piece of their lives. RAW's clinical art therapists and professional artists build meaningful relationships with each kid, helping them see a broader palette of life choices. They challenge them to change negative patterns while giving unrelenting support to reach what may seem unattainable. Recognizing the positive impact that RAW has on the lives of the kids we serve, RAW's programs have evolved beyond the making of art and film. We have created platforms for success by providing mentoring for college access and SAT prep, financial aid access, youth employment, and opportunities to develop life skills like public speaking and personal financial responsibility. RAW serves as a place that increases access to possibilities for the young artists that walk through our doors.
Together we WILL find the cure!
To discover treatments and the cure for Progeria and its aging-related disorders. Progeria is a fatal, "rapid aging" disease that afflicts children, who die of heart disease at an average age of 13 years - the same heart disease affecting millions of normal aging adults. The Progeria Research Foundation (PRF) was founded in 1999 in response to the lack of resources for doctors, scientists, patients, and families of those with Progeria. PRF has been the driving force behind the tremendous progress in the field, moving from total obscurity, to gene discovery, to first-ever drug treatment in just 13 years. PRF is the only non-profit solely dedicated to finding treatments and the cure for Progeria, and is hailed as a prime example of a successful translational research organization. Moreover, with the now-documented biological connection between Progeria, common heart disease and aging, finding the cure for one of the rarest disease on earth may help the entire aging population.
Instant Car Donation

Car donations are the most financially responsible way for folks to make a charitable donation. Because of this, one of their principal aims is to empower those electing a decision by making sure that the vehicle goes into the charity that best represents their values, for example Akshaya Patra USA. make charity decision an essential part of the process, when donating with us. We can do that too, in case you would like us to decide that charity would be helped the most. It's necessary to Instant Car Donation that you receive the allowable tax deduction advantage possible without having to navigate complexities or execute research. We pre-qualify all of our 501-3C non-profit charities that are engaging would be tax deductible. The procedure will be streamlined for both you and the charity of your own choice. We will provide a 1098-C tax form to you after your finished donation. There are lots of charities, such as Akshaya Patra USA, in the regional Massachusetts area which could benefit from your vehicle, like a Fiat 500L, donation. We not only assist you contribute to a nearby charity, but we concentrate on providing an simple way to regional non-profits to accept donations they can focus on their work. Frequently the donation is likely to make the difference for non-profit organizations, while helping to support those within their Melrose community who want it the most, bringing together individuals.

Get the Best Possible Tax Deduction for Your Donation in Melrose

Aside from the charitable tax benefit rather than getting the hassle of dealing with an older car, the feeling of being able to assist those in need may be the very best reason to give your car to a charitable institution. When you decide to make a donation of a used automobile, if the charity, such as Akshaya Patra USA, sells the vehicle for more than $500 they have to mail you a receipt that allows you to subtract the sales cost of the automobile, like your Volkswagen Golf III, on your own tax return. If the older car you decided to donate isn't worth at least $500, then the IRS allows you to determine the fair market value. This is actually the value that someone would be willing to spend money on the car in Melrose if purchasing it from you. Using this method, you get out by eliminating your used car, truck, RV, motorcycle, or other vehicle, without needing to market it in Melrose. You receive the tax benefit, and the charity either gets to utilize the car, such as your Geo Metro, sells it and uses the profits for the benefit of the charitable institution. That is a win-win for everybody involved. Car donation programs have become popular in Massachusetts over the last ten years or so, as more charities are looking for new and innovative approaches to generate funds. Nowadays, the amount of charitable vehicle donation programs numbers in the hundreds or perhaps thousands. In case you have a favorite Melrose charity, such as Akshaya Patra USA, you want to make donations to, it's probably possible for this non-profit organization, such as Akshaya Patra USA, to receive at least a portion of the funds when you donate your used automobile. Most used auto donation programs will either sell the vehicle to increase funds for your cause, utilize the automobile in the everyday operations of their company, or give the automobile, such as a Audi A5, to a someone from Melrose in need either at no cost, or even for under the fair market value. Another advantage of donating a secondhand car to charity is your opportunity to just get rid of the automobile without needing to try to fix or promote it. Most charitable automobile donation plans will anyhow vehicles whether they are running or in need of repair. Some trucks or cars which are beyond repair will be sold for parts or waste along with any money received will go to the charity. While there are lots of benefits to charities that receive donations from individuals, the benefits to the you, the donor may not be too apparent. The biggest benefit that most folks hear about is your chance for a tax deduction. This usually means that the resale value of the given vehicle may be written off on your own tax return. There are some limitations on this type of deduction, so you could want to speak with a tax professional before making the donation. Charitable vehicle donation programs permit you to give your secondhand car to the charity of your own choice. Visit our charities page to decide on a charity in Massachusetts to contribute to.

Common Donation Questions in Melrose

Is there a financial tax deduction for donating my vehicle in Massachusetts?

We can guarantee your automobile, such as your Saab 9-7X, belongs to some non-profit organization, such as Akshaya Patra USA, that's eligible to receive tax deductible donations and assist you recieve a reciept on the contribution. You may be able to acquire a tax benefit for your auto 18, should you itemize your deductions. For contributions around $500 you're able to use Kelley Blue Book and to get larger donations the non-profit organization needs to verify what they recieved for the auto donation (more info).

How can my car be sent to the Melrose charity?

We'll organize a tow truck to come get your car and send it to the non-profit organization, for example Akshaya Patra USA, of your own choice. It couldn't be much easier now to assist the charity, for example Akshaya Patra USA, of your choice!

Do you accept donations for cars and trucks which are lost or damaged components?

We take automobiles in all states! Go to the form and ask to donate, and our Melrose team will quickly see what we can do.

Would you help me find a Melrose non-profit organization that fits my values?

We'd really like to help you make sure your donation goes to a cause in Melrose you care personally about by assisting you to choose a non-profit organization, such as Akshaya Patra USA, that meets your own values. This is so important for us we do so each time you contribute with us!

What charities do you support in Melrose?

Instant Car Donation proudly supports many respected national and local Melrose organizations in your neighborhood area. Our Melrose team works hard for you to be sure maximum support is recieved by the organizaion from your vehicle.

How do I prepare my Massachusetts title?

All owners on the title must finish the part of this title labeled "assignment of title by owner" or "transfer of ownership by seller". Most states require registering and printing owner names. You need to fill out any areas that need documentation concerning a buyer/purchaser/transferee with info about who you are donating the car to. You may find directions here.

How long does this procedure take?

First we'll contact the charity of your choice (or select one for you if you requested that rather than picked) to make sure they want your own automobile which takes around one business day. After that wewill arrange to come for pickup. If it is taking a bit more time don't hesitate to give us a call.

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Tips for Donating Your Car

There are two ways to give your car, like being a Ferrari F430 Coupe: the easy way, and the hard way. What's the way? You'll be able to research on your own and locate a charity, such as for instance Akshaya Patra USA in Melrose, Massachusetts, that you'd like to aid. Next you can discover the value of your vehicle, wash it, list it in a classified or an auction at Melrose, register over the nameand arrange to get a tow, and also sell the car. After the car comes and the title is signed you will collect the money and then get into the honored charity of one's own choice, such as Wildlife Conservation Society, so as to contribute the proceeds. When you determine that you should send the check to, you can lose it in the email. Then, you're able to research with the IRS to find out which sort of tax paperwork you want to file in order to get credit for the donation, fill out this paperwork, and apply an application in tax time.

It appears timeconsuming. It seems like a hassle. Are you going to get it? Not likely. You may also write a check to Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice. Who's time?

If you don't desire to experience that grueling procedure, you can even research online to get a charity, such as Akshaya Patra USA, that can process your auto donation in Melrose, Massachusetts. This is significantly less time consuming, but the options are somewhat limited. You may only donate your car to organizations that are large enough or have a staff that's ready to do all of the steps listed above for this. However, almost all small to medium sized charities aren't staffed to process car contributions. That means they aren't able to accept your donation. They are over worked, and mostly staffed by volunteers. Sometimes the amount of cash your automobile is worth isn't sufficient to justify the time spent by the charity.

Are you currently seeking a third option? If this is so, read on! We can allow you to donate your Daihatsu Charade to the honored charity of one's choice such as Fernbank Museum of Natural History! We're your small business that partners with any and every charity to accept car donations. We've got tens of thousands of charities on our site for one to select from, of course, when there is a charity you'd like to subscribe to who's not recorded here, we're prepared to get hold of them for you in your behalf. We will arrange a no cost pickup of your car in Melrose or the community area, help you transfer your name, and contact the non-profit of one's choice to be sure they receive your donation. We'll even make sure you get the paper work you need come tax time to get the most tax donation. So go right ahead and click on the donate button. It mightn't be easier!

How to Donate from the Heart

When you donate a car, such as a Cadillac Allante, you can contribute from the heart. There are several worthy charities out there that are in need of your help, particularly in Melrose. Require Akshaya Patra USA in Melrose, Massachusetts. This a fantastic illustration of a charity that touches the lives of so many in the neighborhood community. We can't all do the important job that Akshaya Patra USA does, but we can all give a hand to empower and further its mission.

Do you have a car in need of a new house? Before you click on the donate button, take a while to look through the numerous pages of charities, like YMCA of Greater Charlotte, which we associate with. Which of these speak for your heart? Then take a little time to reflect. What dreams do you need for your people of your area? Then, envision how by taking an action as little as donating your car in Melrose, you're able to help make one of these fantasies come true. Envision what string of events that your automobile donation might set off in Melrose and beyond.

Do the wishes which you have go past the pages of our website? Probably. We need to all dream enormous, particularly when it comes to the good wishes and happiness that we make for others. But some us of may find that the charity we wish to contribute our automobile to is not listed on this website. We can assist! You are still able to click the contribute button and let us know there is a respectable charity, like Domestic Abuse Intervention Services, out there that that isn't listed on our site. We will contact that charity and use our tools to make sure it can get your donation.

The method is straightforward. After you click the donate button and then let us know you're prepared to give your vehicle, like a Red Baron Motors Red Baron Motors. We will arrange a free pickup for your car in Melrose or your community region, and list on the auction to acquire the highest price possible so we could make the maximum donation potential to the charity of your own choice, including Akshaya Patra USA. Not only can you get to give your car from the center, but you are also eligible for a tax-deduction. We will finish your tax receipt and supply the non-profit with needed IRS paperwork in addition to your own donation. Giving in the heart could not be simpler!

Donation Impact for Charities

Are you considering donating a vehicle in Melrose, including a GMNA (Opel & Daewoo) Roadster/G2X, but wondering what effect this may have for the charity of your choice? If this is the case, keep reading to see how your car donation in Melrose can be a true difference and influence on little and medium-sized charities like Akshaya Patra USA in your area.

Among the largest challenges for smaller charities with a few or no paid employees is how to boost their funds and avoiding volunteer burn-out. Akshaya Patra USA in Melrose, Massachusetts, is such a nonprofit. Akshaya Patra USA's assignment is carried out by lots of volunteers. Since nearly all work is carried out by volunteers, the charity's projects are performed by volunteer employees, many people who lack skills the non-profit needs to flourish. In reality, many times that the specifics of fundraising efforts are determined based on who's available to take them out, instead of what are the most effective means to fundraise.

Should a tiny non-profit like Akshaya Patra USA be in a position to receive a car donation, such as a Aston Martin V8? We believe so! But what about all of the logistical support, time and money that's required to arrange the tow truck along with the sale of your automobile at an auction? It seems unlikely that a charity such as this would really have the ability to take on promoting your preferred car, even if you opted to donate them.

That is where we come in. We associate with any and each non-profit who wants to receive a car donation, like Akshaya Patra USA, and offer our experience and aid in processing the auto donation. Then, we make certain the charity gets the maximum donation it can receive so it can increase its operating budget and finance new and current programs. Your car donation may be worth several hundred or even several thousand dollars or more, depending on the vehicle you donate. Though it may not look like a lot of money, it's an unplanned windfall to get a small or high-income charity like Akshaya Patra USA.

Still contemplating donating your car to a charity at Melrose? We can assist! Just click the contribute button and then let's know who you are, and we are going to arrange your free pick up and to offer your vehicle. We'll also get the charity of your choice, and ensure that they receive the money they need to continue their great and important function in our local community.

Luxury Cars Donations in Melrose

Is car donation just for clunkers? Lots of men and women think car donation is simply to get older cars which do not run out of this driveway. This is simply not true. Lots of folks donate attractively reconditioned cars that they have been taking great care of. Also, did you know many auto collectors donate their vehicles every year? For instance, actress Sharon Stone has been collecting antique cars within the past 21 years and has donated seven of those trackable cars to charities.

Donations like this can help non-profit organizations to help people in need, to nourish the less fortunate, to teach youngsters, to provide after school programs, to give clothing to displaced folks to help animals and many other beneficial deeds. Of course it is possible to donate some car, like a Honda CLARITY FUEL CELL, or even a Daihatsu Charade, however, that which creates Instant Car Donation exceptional is that we let you opt for a local charity like Akshaya Patra USA or Akshaya Patra USA from Melrose, Massachusetts, in order for your donation can help your regional community.

Many car donation programs simply enable you to donate to a company as they are usually hired specifically by this charity because their designated auto donation supplier. We are different. Charities not hire us. This also makes it possible for us to help numerous charities around the country such as Father Woody's Haven of Hope and Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County. However, our distinctive ability to help local charities such as Akshaya Patra USA and Akshaya Patra USA in Melrose, Massachusetts, is the specialty.

Another vinatge car collector that's donated cars to charity is Evan Metropoulos, of Metropoulos & Co.. Would you know somebody having an excess car? Why don't you ask them when they'd like to give it to help a local charity like Akshaya Patra USA from Melrose, Massachusetts or even The Valerie Fund? It may be almost any car, such as a Bakkura Mobility Bakkura Mobility or a COMMUNITY CARS Kenguru! The options are endless.