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Instant Car Donation was founded with the goal of bringing donors and local charities together with an efficient and pleasant process. You can focus on deciding which of our respected charities is right for you instead of worrying about difficulties of researching how to make a donation. After your free pickup, we will assist you in recieving the best tax benefit possible for your generous gift. We take pride in helping smaller charities easily receive car donations, bringing people together while helping support those in the Boston, Massachusetts community who need it the most.

Featured Boston 501(c)(3) Charities

A champion for animals
We are an unwavering champion for animals in need, committed to keeping them safe and healthy in habitats and homes. Our vision is to confront animal cruelty and neglect at its root causes. Through programs, services and facilities focused on accessible animal care, public advocacy, and sustained anti-cruelty efforts, we will be a resource for people and an unwavering champion for animals most in need. Our focus will be to meet people and animals where they are, bringing veterinary and wellness services directly to those who need it most, so that animals are safe and healthy living in community and out of shelters. We will align our resources to support this vision through a coordination of existing programs and the development of new, community-based services.The impact of our work will be seen in the lives of animals most in need across Massachusetts with the greatest effect in our primary service areas of Greater Boston, Eastern Massachusetts and the Cape Cod regions.
Promoting the protection, enjoyment, and understanding of the Northeast outdoors.
Founded in 1876, the Appalachian Mountain Club promotes the protection, enjoyment, and understanding of the mountains, forests, waters, and trails of the Northeast region. We believe these resources have intrinsic worth and also provide recreational opportunities, spiritual renewal, and ecological and economic health for the region. Because successful conservation depends on active engagement with the outdoors, we encourage people to experience, learn about, and appreciate the natural world. Our 16,000 volunteers, 500 full time and seasonal staff, and 200,000 constituents are central to our mission. Our staff offers outdoor experiences and programs through our Northeast and Mid-Atlantic lodging destinations; our 12 volunteer-led chapters located from Maine to Washington, D.C. offer local outdoor activities and skills workshops. Staff and volunteers maintain over 1,800 miles of trails, support our conservation policy and research efforts, and get rural, urban and at-risk youth outdoors.
Challenging abuse, protecting people
Founded in 1977, Corporate Accountability International (formerly Infact) and its members have challenged corporate abuses that endanger public health, democratic institutions, the environment and people's lives. Our campaigns have called some of the world's largest transnationals to account, forcing each to respond to the public interest. Corporate Accountability and its members organize a range of ongoing grassroots actions to hold corporations accountable for their abuses.
Performing Baroque and Classical music at the highest level of artistic excellence.
A principal leader of Boston's arts community since 1815, the Handel and Haydn Society is dedicated to performing Baroque and Classical music at the highest level of artistic excellence and to sharing that music with as large and diverse an audience as possible through concert performances at Symphony and Jordan Halls, tours, recordings, radio broadcasts, and outreach initiatives for students and underserved communities.
Better health. One connection at a time.
Health Leads is a social enterprise that envisions a healthcare system that addresses all patients' basic resource needs as a standard part of quality care.For 20 years, Health Leads has worked with leading healthcare organizations to tackle social co-morbidities by connecting patients to the community-based resources they need to be healthy - from food to transportation to healthcare benefits.Health Leads is committed to leveraging its tools, expertise and direct services to change what "counts" as healthcare - and accelerate the leadership, best practices, incentives and research required to improve the health and well-being of patients.
Providing support for the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum
Founded in 1984, the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation provides financial support, staffing, and creative resources for the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. The Museum portrays the life, leadership, and legacy of President Kennedy, conveys his enthusiasm for politics and public service, and illustrates the nature of the office of the President. The support provided by the Kennedy Library Foundation enables the federal government to expand the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum's research and archival capacity, to undertake marketing and public information projects, to offer intern and research fellowship programs, to enhance its museum and exhibits, and to offer nationally recognized educational and public programming.
Youth development for community change
Since 1968, Sociedad Latina has worked in partnership with Latino youth and families to end destructive cycles of poverty, health inequities, and lack of educational and professional opportunities in our community. Through our Pathways to Success model we pioneer new and innovative solutions to the most pressing issues facing Latino youth today, supporting positive youth development from age 10-21, creating a community that supports young people, and training all youth to advocate for themselves and their communities.
We are for Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility.
The YMCA of Greater Boston is dedicated to improving the health of mind, body and spirit of individuals and families in our communities. We welcome men and women, boys and girls of all incomes, faiths and cultures. We provide childcare and after-school programs for more than 3,300 children each school day in greater Boston. We provide affordable and accessible programs to more than 100,000 children, teens, adults and seniors every year, thanks to nearly 1,500 employees, 550 summer teen employees and 1,500 dedicated volunteers. We help 4,000 individuals a year from 35 countries learn to participate in our community and the local economy through English as a Second Language and job training programs.
Instant Car Donation

There are lots of charitable institutions in the Boston area which could benefit from your automobile donation. We not only assist you donate to a charity, but we concentrate on supplying an easy method to local non-profits that are small so that they can focus on their work that is important to take donations. Often the donation is likely to make the biggest difference for charitable institutions, for example Irish International Immigrant Center, bringing together folks while helping to support those within their Boston, Massachusetts community who want it the most. It is necessary to Instant Car Donation which you get the greatest tax deduction benefit without having to navigate complexities or carry out extensive research, possible. We pre-qualify all our participating 501-3C non-profit charities to verify your donation will be tax deductible. The procedure will be streamlined for both you and the charity of your choice. We'll provide a 1098-C tax document to you following your contribution that is completed. Car donations are the way for people to make a donation. Due to this, one of our main aims is to empower those electing such a decision that is benevolent by making sure that the automobile goes to the charity which best reflects their values, such as Make-A-Wish Foundation of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We always make charity choice an integral part of the procedure when donating with us. We can do that in case you need us to decide for you that charity would be helped the most.

Get the Best Tax Deduction for Your Car in Boston

Aside from the charitable tax deduction rather than having the hassle of managing an older vehicle, the feeling of being able to assist those in need might be the best reason to give your vehicle to a charitable institution, like Clean Air Task Force. Another advantage of donating a used auto to charity is the chance to simply eliminate the automobile, like your Maybach Maybach, without needing to attempt to repair or promote it. Most charitable automobile donation programs will anyhow vehicles whether they are running in need of repair. When you decide to make a donation of a used vehicle, when the charity sells the vehicle, such as a Lamborghini Hurracan, for more than $500 they need to mail you a receipt that allows you to subtract the sales price of the vehicle, like a Kia Forte, in your own tax return. If the older car you decided to donate isn't worth at least $500, then the IRS allows you to ascertain the reasonable market value. This is actually the value that someone would be inclined to pay for the car if buying it from you. In order to claim the tax deduction, then you will need to itemize your deductions on your tax return. Using this method, you make out by getting rid of your car, truck, RV, motorcycle, or other vehicle, without having to market it in Boston. You receive the tax deduction, and the charity gets to utilize the vehicle, like your Fiat Freemont, or sells it and uses the profits for the benefit of the charity. That's a wonderful thing for everybody involved. Car donation programs are becoming more popular in Massachusetts over the past decade or so, as more charities are looking for new and innovative methods to create funds. Nowadays, the number of charitable car donation programs is in the hundreds or even thousands. If you've got a favorite Boston charity you like to make donations to, it's most likely possible for this charity to receive at least a part of the funds if you donate your used vehicle, such as a EQUUS AUTOMOTIVE EQUUS AUTOMOTIVE. Charitable vehicle donation programs enable you to donate your secondhand car to the charity of your own choice. Visit our charities page to decide on a charity in Massachusetts to contribute to. Most used auto donation programs will either sell the vehicle to increase funds for your cause, use the automobile in the daily operations of their organization, or give the automobile, such as a Ford E-250, to a someone in need either at no cost, or even for less than the fair market value. While there are lots of benefits to charities which receive donations from people, the benefits to the you, the donor might not be as clear. The biggest benefit which most individuals hear about is your opportunity for a tax benefit. This usually means that the resale value of the donated vehicle can be written off in your tax return. There are some limitations on this sort of deduction, so you might choose to talk to a tax professional before making the donation.

Common Donation Questions in Boston

Can there be a financial tax deduction for donating my car in Massachusetts?

We can guarantee your car goes to a charity that's eligible for tax deductible contributions and assist you recieve a reciept for your contribution. You might be able to receive a tax advantage for your car 18, should you itemize your deductions. For donations up to $500 it is possible to utilize Kelley Blue Book and to get bigger contributions the non-profit organization must verify what they recieved for the automobile donation (more info).

How can my car be picked up?

We will arrange a tow truck to come get your car and send it for you. It couldn't be much easier now, to help the non-profit organization, like Irish International Immigrant Center, of your choice!

Do you take donations for vehicles that are damaged or missing parts?

We accept cars in all states! Go ahead and ask to donate, and our Boston team will quickly see what we can do for you.

Would you help me find a Boston non-profit organization that fits my personal values?

We'd like to help you ensure that that your donation goes to a cause in Boston you care about by assisting you to choose a non-profit organization, such as Health Leads, that fulfills your own values. It is important for us we do so every single time you donate with us!

What non-profit organizations do you support in Boston?

Instant Car Donation proudly supports respected national & local Boston organizations that are nonprofit in the area. We work hard for you to guarantee the organizaion recieves support for your automobile.

How do I prepare my Massachusetts DMV documentation?

All owners on the title must complete the section of the car title tagged "assignment of title by owner" or "transfer of ownership by seller". The majority of states require printing and signing owner names. You need to fill out any fields that need documentation about a buyer/purchaser/transferee with info. You may find directions.

How long does this procedure take?

First we will contact the charity, such as Boston Neighborhood Network, of your choice (or pick one for you if you asked that rather than picked) to make sure they need your own car, such as a Kia Soul, which takes about one business day. After that wewill arrange to come for pickup. When it is taking a little more time feel free to give us a call.

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Junk as Treasure

Have you got a vehicle, like a Creative Coachworks Creative Coachworks, just sitting in your garage or on your driveway that you have been intending to eliminate? Perhaps you believe it is too old, or that it's in need of repair or refurbishing. Many of us are eager to depart an unnecessary auto sitting in our our driveway for a long time without spending the time or money to fix it. So that car sits, and sits and stays. Let's be fair. Are we likely to put in time and money to fix this car? If we were, wouldn't we've done it already? Not only is this older automobile an eyesore, but we are also overlooking the chance to use this precious resource to help a charity like The Gentle Barn!

1 man's junk is another person's treasure, so they say. This is surely true with automobile donations. A vehicle, like a Holden Volt, that is unneeded by you can supply just the correct amount of financing to a charity at Boston or outside to meet its budget to get a present or future project. If you donate your car, you are giving a valuable treasure to a charity, because your donation enables them to keep their work locally. Samaritans at Boston, Massachusetts is such a non-profit. Its call to activity is directly encouraged by your donation--you can help the charity of your own choice, such as Life is Good Kids Foundation, to extend the breadth and reach of their great actions in the neighborhood!

We pride ourselves in assisting you to convert your unwanted car to actual treasure! Click the donate button now to begin the procedure. After you let us know which you're ready to give your vehicle, we'll arrange to get a free pick-up in Boston or your neighborhood region and sell your vehicle. All you have to do is let us know which admired charity matches the call of your own heart, and we will do the rest. The very best part is that should you receive the benefit of clearing out old, unnecessary crap, you get to give financing to the charity of your choice, such as Davis Phinney Foundation, and finally, you receive the maximum tax advantage for your donation. We'll supply you with a tax receipt for your donation, and make sure that the charity of your choice receives your donation as well as the necessary IRS paperwork to accept your contribution.

Green Living through donating your car in Boston

When you make the decision to donate your car, like a GMC Electric Vehicle, to confirm a cause that you care about, you recieve the advantage of a tax deduction - and the charity like Blank Park Zoo receives the advantage of the financing to host programs or projects. But did you know your automobile donation may give the advantage of living through recycling?

Recycle, reduce, and repurpose are all conditions we are very familiar with nowadays. We want to look after our environment and reduce our carbon footprint, and also save the planet for future generations in Boston. We take some opportunity to sort our recyclables into glass, plastics, paper and aluminum. But do you ever feel that cars were a major part of recycling? Many donated cars, like a Lancia Thema, are in need of repairs and upgrade. And, most of us don't have enough time or energy to fix up our cars so that we may market and fetch the highest price for what we have.

That is where we come in. When you donate your vehicle, we arrange a complimentary pick up and sale of your car at a local auction in Boston. In the market, your automobile is going to be bid on by a person, used car salesman, or mechanic that wants to present your car new life, also has time and skills to do it. That is to say that by donating your vehicle, you're in fact giving it a new function! Who understood that donating a vehicle could attain so many significant goals at once? When we give a car, we benefit a charity such as Philbrook Museum of Art by giving them much-needed funding, consider the load of fixing up the car off of ourselves and we recycle and interrogate our vehicle!

Can every charity handle the job it takes to process a auto donation? Sadly, no. USS Constitution Museum may not find enough efficacy in handling the towing, titlework and purchase of a given car. And hence, South Boston Neighborhood House might not be able to rely on car gifts as a source of funding. But during our streamlined procedure, financing from the selling of your car can really make a difference to non profits such as The Greater Boston Food Bank. We can give charities such as Center for Economic Progress a hands while some greener, simpler life.