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Reasons to Join Our Network

Funding for Your Charity

Thousands of cars go to waste every year, and turning those into funding has a great potential to help your cause. We are committed to getting you the most value for the cars that is allowed with minimal costs. We educate and appeal to donors on how donating is quick, easy, kind, and a tax benefit while helping them find change (hopefully yours) they personally care about. There is no risk to starting now, and you can get start accepting donations with no signup, cancelation, monthly, or other added expenses.

We Handle Complications For You

We greatly reduce the barrier to entry for smaller charities for accepting car donations, and thus furthering funds for the cause. People in your local community find your charity and easily donate on the web, phone, or chat. We offer assistence with towing of the cars to be sold for your charity. We also can help with the paperwork requirments for both you and the person donating the car. We can help provide you the information you need to qualify with the IRS if you have not already. Your charity will be able to get donations without any extra workload expenditure.


Instant Car Donation is run by local nonprofit owners who understand both the hurdles faced by charities and want to eliminate them. By making the process of donating easy for everyone we believe that more donations will be made and thus some real possitive change made in the world. It can be difficult to compete with large charities who throw money at a web presence, but we want to give everyone a shot. Our support team takes their relationship with you seriously, and will be dedicated to personally communicating with you to answer any questions you may have or provide any assistence you might desire.


Raising awareness is one of an important objective for a charity to accomplish. We will promote your charity on our website for free and help people discover what you are all about. They may even be tempted to make you a cash donation along with a car donation come tax time! We will also help people in your city, state, and community discover your works and how it helps people they care about. All of this will require very little for you, and we will help cater your charities page to your specifications if you wish. We can provide you with free promotional materails such as buttons, HTML content, or printable .PDFS on how to let people know that it is easy to donate your car with your charity.