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Instant Car Donation was founded with the goal of bringing donors and local charities together with an efficient and pleasant process. You can focus on deciding which of our respected charities is right for you instead of worrying about difficulties of researching how to make a donation. After your free pickup, we will assist you in recieving the best tax benefit possible for your generous gift. We take pride in helping smaller charities easily receive car donations, bringing people together while helping support those in the Chatham, Illinois community who need it the most.

Featured Chatham 501(c)(3) Charities

Making the dream of justice a reality.
Since 1981, the Chicago Legal Clinic has evolved from a small neighborhood office to a keystone provider of legal services to the working poor and disadvantaged in the Chicago area. This entails providing direct legal counseling and high quality representation at low cost or pro bono and free educational seminars on legal topics. Through our efforts, hundreds of clients have received legal protection from domestic violence, had their immigration status formalized, adopted children and been rescued from foreclosure. Thousands more received representation in other areas, including landlord/tenant, guardianships, consumer issues and the quest for social security disability benefits.
Improving the life opportunities of inner-city youth through long-term comprehensive programming.
Founded in 1984, Chicago Youth Programs (CYP) serves inner-city youth who do not have access to social services due to location, poverty, or availability. CYP strives to improve the health and life opportunities of at-risk youth through a comprehensive, long-term approach aimed at developing their capabilities. Recognizing that there are many obstacles to inner-city children's social, cognitive, emotional, and physical growth, CYP provides consistent programming in the areas of: Education, Mentoring, Recreation, Leadership Development, Preventative Health Care, College Prep, Scholarship Support and Career Assistance. All of their programs are free and CYP provides free transportation to and from programming to ensure access.
Every student can grow, learn, achieve and lead
Founded in 2009, EPIC Academy is a charter public high school serving families who live in the South Chicago, South Shore, South Deering, Calumet Heights and East Side neighborhoods. We believe that every student can grow, learn, achieve and lead. We dare our students to imagine, and we prepare them to succeed. And the great thing is---they DO succeed. Over 90% of the students in our first graduating class were accepted to a 4-year college---and this in a neighborhood where 84% of the adults do not have a college degree.
Fostering creativity through making, learning about, seeing, and discussing art.
Hyde Park Art Center has been a leader in advancing contemporary visual art in Chicago since 1939. With an expansive reach and bold personality, the nonprofit organization brings artists and communities together to support creativity at every level. As an open forum for exploring the artistic process, the Art Center fosters creativity through making, learning about, seeing, and discussing art—all under one roof. By developing socially adept programming that finds new ways to engage diverse audiences in the work of Chicago's artists, the Art Center makes space for transparent interaction with art and the artistic process, inspiring creative exploration and encouraging exchange between audiences and artists. Outside its walls, the Art Center's outreach programs in historically underserved neighborhoods bring the visual arts to Chicago youth, their teachers, and their families.
Engaging underserved Chicago youth
Using squash, academics, mentoring and life skills development, MetroSquash supports students in finding and graduating from their best-fit post-secondary pursuit. This starts as early as 5th grade and can span a student's entire adolescence. Our pathway approach fosters a strong community of support and relationships that blossom over a period of years and so far has yielded a 100% college acceptance rate among our students. Students in 5th through 12th grade learn the fast-paced game of squash, improve their academic performance, perform community service and participate in the MetroSquash mentor program.
Inspiring the inventive genius in everyone
The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI), the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere, is home to more than 35,000 artifacts and more than 400,000 square feet of hands-on experiences designed to spark scientific inquiry and creativity. Since opening our doors in 1933, we've welcomed more than 180 million guests from around the world. Our mission, to inspire the inventive genius in everyone, is realized through our world-class interactive science exhibitions. Even bigger than our mission is our vision: to inspire and motivate our children to achieve their full potential in the fields of science, technology, medicine and engineering. The Museum's Center for the Advancement of Science Education (CASE) is continually developing and facilitating science teacher education courses, youth development programs, student Learning Labs, after-school science clubs and engaging guest experiences - all ways in which MSI makes science come alive for guests of all ages.
We educate voters and promote full participation in the electoral process.
Founded in 1983, the Citizenship Education Fund works to educate voters and promote full participation in the electoral process. The organization also seeks to empower citizenry through the effective use of public policy advocacy. In addition, the organization also conducts research, collects data on nonpartisan-related initiates and organizes seminars.
The Renaissance Society is an independent, non-collecting museum of contemporary art.
The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago presents contemporary art exhibitions, events, and publications. Founded in 1915 by a group of faculty members, we are an independent, non-collecting museum that combines a flexible, experimental ethos with focused, rigorous inquiry.We aim to create the best possible conditions for art and artists, and our commitment to supporting ambitious artistic expression frequently takes the form of newly commissioned exhibitions. Regular events include artist talks, lectures, concerts, and readings, which present opportunities for further discovery and discussion, while our publications offer critical reflection on and documentation of the exhibitions.
Instant Car Donation

There are many charitable institutions in your Chatham, Illinois area which could benefit from your vehicle, like your Cadillac ATS, donation. We not only help you donate to a nearby charity, but we focus on providing local non-profits that are small with an easy way they can concentrate on their important work, to accept donations. Frequently the donation will make the difference for these charitable institutions, bringing folks together while helping encourage those within their Chatham, Illinois community who need it the most. Car donations are the method for individuals to create a large donation. Due to this, one of their aims is to enable those electing a decision by making sure that the vehicle, like your Scion tC, goes to the charity which best reflects their values. make charity decision an essential part of the procedure when donating with us. We can do that if you would like us to pick which charity would be helped the most rather. It is necessary to Instant Car Donation that you receive the allowable tax deduction advantage without having to navigate complexities or perform extensive research possible. We pre-qualify all our participating 501-3C non-profit charities to verify your donation will be tax deductible. The process will be streamlined for both you and the charity of your choice. We'll provide you after your donation.

Get the Best Possible Tax Benefit for Your Vehicle in Chatham

Besides the charitable tax deduction rather than with the hassle of managing an older car, the sensation of being able to assist those in need might be the ideal reason to give your automobile to a charitable institution. When you choose to generate a donation of a old automobile, if the charitable institution sells the automobile, such as your Volkswagen e-Golf, to get more than $500 they have to mail you a receipt that allows you to subtract the sales price of the vehicle, like a Lincoln Mark LT, in your tax return. If the old car you chose to donate is not worth at least $500, then the IRS lets you determine the fair market value. This is the value that someone would be ready to pay for the vehicle in Chatham if buying it from you. You receive the tax deduction, and the charity gets to use the automobile sells it and uses the profits for the benefit of the charitable institution, such as Hyde Park Art Center. That is a wonderful thing for everyone involved. Car donation programs are becoming more popular in Illinois over the last decade or so, as more charities are searching for new and creative approaches to create funds. These days, the amount of charitable automobile donation programs numbers in the hundreds or even tens of thousands. In case you've got a favourite Chatham charity you prefer to make contributions to, it's probably possible for that charity, for example MetroSquash, to receive at least a part of the funds if you donate your old vehicle, like a Mercedes-Benz L1319. Most used car donation programs will sell your vehicle to raise funds for your cause, utilize the automobile, like your Chrysler Aspen, in the daily operations of their company, or provide the vehicle, like your Honda Crosstour, to a somebody from Chatham in need either for free, or for under the fair market value. Another advantage of donating a used auto to charity would be your opportunity to just eliminate the automobile, such as a Daihatsu Charade, without having to try to repair or promote it. Most charitable vehicle donation programs will anyhow vehicles whether they're operating in need of repair. While there are lots of benefits to charities which receive donations from people, the benefits to the you, the donor might not be too clear. The largest benefit that most folks hear about is the opportunity for a tax benefit. There are a few limitations on this type of deduction, so you may choose to speak with a tax pro before making the donation. Charitable vehicle donation programs enable you to give your secondhand car to the charity of your own choice, such as Hyde Park Art Center. Visit our charities page to pick a charity in Illinois to donate to.

Common Donation Questions in Chatham

Can there be a tax deduction for donating my automobile in Illinois?

We can ensure your vehicle belongs to some non-profit organization, for example Epic Academy, which is qualified assist you recieve a reciept for the donation and for tax deductible contributions. You might be able to have a tax benefit if you itemize your deductions. For donations around $500 you can utilize Kelley Blue Book and for bigger donations the charity, for example Epic Academy, must confirm what they recieved for the car donation (more information).

How will my car be delivered to the Chatham non-profit organization?

We will organize a tow truck to come pick up your car, like a Dodge 600, and send it for you. It couldn't be much easier to assist your non-profit organization, for example The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, of your choice today!

Do you accept donations for automobiles which are damaged or lost parts?

Absolutely, we take vehicles in all conditions! Go ahead and submit your request to contribute, and our Chatham team will quickly see what we are able to do.

Can you help me find a non-profit organization that is suitable for my personal morals?

We would like to assist you ensure that your donation goes to a cause in Chatham you care about by assisting you to pick a charity, like The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, that satisfies your private values. In fact, it is important for us we do it every single time you donate with us!

What non-profit organizations do you help in Chatham?

Instant Car Donation proudly supports respected local & national Chatham organizations in the area. We work hard for you to be sure maximum support is recieved by the organizaion for your vehicle.

What are the DMV paperwork requirements?

All owners around the title must complete the part of the car title tagged "assignment of title by owner" or "transfer of ownership by seller". The majority of states require registering and printing owner names. You need to fill out any areas that need information concerning a buyer/purchaser/transferee with info about who you are donating the car, such as your Jaguar F-Pace, to. Comprehensive directions may be found by you.

Will this be completed fast?

First we will contact the charity of your choice (or select one for you whether you asked that instead) to make certain they want your vehicle, like your AM General MV-1, which takes around one business day. We'll arrange for a tow truck to come for pickup. When it is taking a little longer don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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Donation Impact for Charities

Have you been considering donating a car in Chatham, such as a FISKER AUTOMOTIVE Karma, however wondering what effect this will have for your charity of your own choice? If that's the case, read on to see the way your car donation in Chatham could be a true difference and influence on small and medium-sized charities such as Hyde Park Art Center on your area.

Among the biggest challenges for small businesses with a few or no paid staff is how to increase their funding and preventing volunteer burn-out. Epic Academy in Chatham, Illinois, is a nonprofit. Chicago Legal Clinic's mission is carried out by lots of volunteers. Since the majority of work is done by volunteers, so the charity's jobs are performed by volunteer staff, many of who lack skills that the non-profit should flourish. In fact, many times that the specifics of fundraising attempts are decided based on who is available to take them out, instead of that which are the most effective approach to fundraise.

Should a small nonprofit like Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago be able to be given a automobile donation, such as a Lamborghini Murcielago? We believe so! But what about all of the logistical service, time and money that is needed to arrange the tow truck and the selling of your automobile with an auction? It seems improbable that a charity like this would really be able to take on selling your preferred car, even when you decided to donate them.

That's where we come in. We associate with any and every non-profit who wishes to get a auto donation, like Hyde Park Art Center, and offer our expertise and aid in calculating the auto donation. Then we make sure the charity gets the most donation it could receive so it can boost its operating funding and fund new and existing programs. Your car donation may be worth a few hundred or even a few thousand bucks or more, based on the car that you donate. Although it might not look like a great deal of money, it's an unplanned windfall for a little or high-income charity such as Chicago Youth Programs.

Still contemplating donating your car to a charity in Chatham? We can assist! Just click on the donate button and then let's know who you are, and we'll arrange your free pickup and to sell your vehicle. We will also get the charity of your choice, and make sure they get the money they should continue their great and important job in our regional community.

Should I Donate My Car?

Trying to decide whether to contribute your vehicle? Although donating a vehicle, for example Changzhou Greenland Vehicle Co., Ltd. 6S, is a great method to receive a tax-deduction, the advantages of donating your car in Chatham go far beyond tax year. Donating a car creates a true difference for charities, who are searching for innovative ways to increase their effects on local communities.

Take the instance of Hyde Park Art Center at Chatham, Illinois, also a small neighborhood nonprofit. Like every small non-profit, it's always looking for ways to maximize its contributions so it can provide additional solutions to its target area. Though many large nonprofits, like City Academy, have paid staff that may receive and sell a donated car to increase help increase its earnings, a small nonprofit like Chicago Legal Clinic might not have the staff to take a automobile and process your donation of an Opel Ampera-e.

We can help! We work together with charities to make sure they all have the capability to receive a auto donation. By clicking on the donate button and donating your vehicle to a small business like this, you supply them with the chance to receive unforeseen financing which may extend the duration or reach a current job, or to even launch a new job that could have been impossible without the contribution. We'll arrange a complimentary pickup in Chatham and arrange to sell your vehicle.

All you need to do is tell us about the vehicle you want to donate, such as a Suzuki SX4, and select the charity that you need to help many. We are linked to a network of thousands of charities and also have the capacity to reach out into almost any charity for your benefit. Our intention is to provide necessary funding to every one of those charities who are doing significant work in our own communities, but have limited funding and staff. Click on the donate button today and let us put your vehicle donation to function for the good of the area!