Easily donate your car to charity in Colorado

Easily donate
with choice!
Select a charity to help,
or call (844) 333-3881.
Fill out the simple
donation form.
Schedule your pickup
& get a tax deduction.

Cities in Colorado where we can Help Donate Your Car


Additional information for donating your car in Colorado

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Some more tips for getting the best tax break in Colorado

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How to Donate Your vehicle in Colorado

We can help you donate your car easily in Colorado.

  1. Find your city and fill out the donation donation form.
  2. Pick your favored charaties from the list.
  3. We will contact you after the charity has accepted your donation.
  4. Sign over your title and we will send over a tow truck to take your car to the charity.
  5. We will get you the tax documentation from the charity.

Requirements for getting the best car donation tax benefit in Colorado

We can help you follow the right way to get a tax break in Colorado.

  1. You need to sign over your Colorado title.
  2. Next, the charity will write you a reciept.
  3. Finally, follow these directions to claim your car donation as an itemized deduction.