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Be human. Be humane.
Since 1933, the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County has been providing shelter, food and medical care for thousands of unwanted, neglected and abused animals. We offer refuge, medical care, nourishment, and an opportunity for a second chance for life to injured and abused animals; protect animals from cruelty, neglect, carelessness and ignorance; foster a public sentiment of humanity and gentleness toward animals and promote responsible pet ownership through humane education; and enhance the quality of human life with animal companionship.
Bringing people to Christ and maturing them in the faith
Founded in 1987, Love Worth Finding (LWF) brings people to Christ and matures them in the faith. We do this by publishing and broadcasting biblical truth, maintaining a balance of compassion and conviction. We minister to hurting people, such as those who are struggling to hold their marriage and family together, people suffering from financial bondage or substance abuse, and those who are facing the attack of demonic oppression. We offer a prayer ministry through correspondence to people who are searching for answers to spiritual needs. We also reach those who are new and growing Christians with encouragement and admonition for spiritual development.
Committed to meaningful musical experiences
The Memphis Symphony Orchestra's commitment to meaningful musical experiences is the heart of its past, present, and future. The Memphis Symphony Orchestra educates and inspires the community through music, serving the community in multiple ways that extend well beyond the concert hall. Through education and community programs such as Young People's Concerts, coaching in middle and high schools, ensembles in schools and nursing homes, Family Tunes & Tales at libraries, Drum Circles at special needs and at-risk community groups, the MSO encourages life-long learning. The MSO is an integral part of the cultural, educational, and economic life of Memphis and has been since 1952.