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The quality of emergency medical care in our community has been the mission of the Medic One Foundation since 1974. The Foundation: guarantees rigorous paramedic training and continuing medical education that is experience-centered and under the guidance of University of Washington physicians; insures the quality of pre-hospital emergency care through independent medical review-continuously evaluating Medic One services, monitoring treatments and outcomes and developing new approaches to improve survival; sponsors targeted research on methods to improve patient outcomes and prevent sudden cardiac death; and equips emergency medical service providers by funding special equipment needs to help them in better serving their communities.

How Your Donation Helps

72.4% of your car donation will go toward helping Medic One Foundation with their project: Paramedic Training & Continuing Education.

21.3% will go toward the project: Grants for Special Projects.

6.2% will go toward the project: Research Projects.



  • Rescue and emergency service
  • Other medical research
  • Other health services

Tax Status

IRS Classification: 501(c)(3) Public Charity established 1975

Your donations to Medic One Foundation are tax deductible.

Grouping: Independent - the organization is an independent organization or an independent auxiliary (i.e., not affiliated with a National, Regional, or Geographic grouping of organizations).

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