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Church Health seeks to reclaim the Church's biblical commitment to care for our bodies and spirits.Dr. Scott Morris, a family practice physician and ordained United Methodist minister, founded Church Health in 1987 to provide quality, affordable healthcare for working, uninsured people and their families. Thanks to a broad base of financial support from the faith community, and the volunteer help of doctors, nurses, dentists and others, Church Health's Clinic has grown to become the largest faith-based clinic of its type in the country. Currently, we care for 47,000 patients of record without relying on government funding. Fees are charged on a sliding scale based on income. The average visit costs about $25.

How Your Donation Helps

49.4% of your car donation will go toward helping Church Health Center of Memphis Inc. with their project: Health Care Programs.

27.0% will go toward the project: Wellness Programs.

6.8% will go toward the project: Healthcare & Wellness Outreach.



  • Health clinic
  • Supplying money, goods or services to the poor
  • Other religious activities

Tax Status

IRS Classification: 501(c)(3) Public Charity established 1987

Your donations to Church Health Center of Memphis Inc. are tax deductible.

Grouping: Independent - the organization is an independent organization or an independent auxiliary (i.e., not affiliated with a National, Regional, or Geographic grouping of organizations).

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