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Instant Car Donation was founded with the goal of bringing donors and local charities together with an efficient and pleasant process. You can focus on deciding which of our respected charities is right for you instead of worrying about difficulties of researching how to make a donation. After your free pickup, we will assist you in recieving the best tax benefit possible for your generous gift. We take pride in helping smaller charities easily receive car donations, bringing people together while helping support those in the Santee, California community who need it the most.

Featured Santee 501(c)(3) Charities

Making a difference in the quality of life for people who are often forgotten
Founded in 1991, the Anthony Robbins Foundation works to empower individuals and organizations to make a significant difference in the quality of life for people who are often forgotten; youth, homeless and hungry, prisoners, elderly and disabled. The Foundation has products and programs in more than 2,000 schools, 700 prisons, and 100,000 health and human service organizations. The Foundation is committed to make a difference in the quality of life for children, the homeless, the prison population, and the elderly through its various programs: International Basket Brigade, Youth Leadership Summit, UPW-Youth Leadership, Champions of Excellence, Youth Mentoring Program, Personal Power for Prisoners, and Event Scholarship.
We are here to start something
Big Brothers Big Sisters is the single largest, oldest and most well evaluated national youth mentoring program. Locally, Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County has been providing one-to-one mentoring since 1961. We provide clear pathways and structured support for committed community members to serve others in ways that cross class, race, and geographic lines. The agency's approach is unique in the level of training and support we provide mentors, the rigor of volunteer background checks and in our targeted programs and neighborhood outreach initiatives to serve high-risk, under-served populations. Each year we serve over 3,000 children, families and volunteers through our 1:1 mentoring programs.Our organization has been recognized as being top of their class for excellent service, fiscal responsibility, and quality standards: # 1 Non Profit for At -Risk Youth - Philanthropedia ; Gold Star Agency - BBBS of America
To explain & defend the faith
Catholic Answers is an apostolate dedicated to serving Christ by bringing the fullness of Catholic truth to the world. We help good Catholics become better Catholics, bring lapsed Catholics home, and lead non-Catholics into the fullness of the faith. Founded in 1979, Catholic Answers has become one of the nation's largest lay-run apostolates of Catholic apologetics and evangelization.
Serving those who preserve our freedom
The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund provides immediate financial assistance and lifetime support to post-9/11 wounded, critically ill and injured service members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, and their families. Semper Fi Fund helps defray the expenses incurred during hospitalization, rehabilitation and recovery; assists with the expenses associated with the purchase of specialized equipment, adaptive vehicles and home modifications; and educates the public about the special needs of our injured service members and their families. Our mission since our founding in 2004 has remained constant: to serve those who preserve our freedom.
Providing medical and non-medical assistance to the victims of disaster
International Relief Teams (IRT) alleviates human suffering by providing health services and humanitarian assistance to victims of disaster, neglect, and profound poverty worldwide. Since 1988, IRT has provided $6.5 million in volunteer services and $308 million in medicines and supplies to families in desperate need in 68 countries worldwide. IRT focuses on two core activities: 1) disaster relief and 2) building healthy communities. During disasters, IRT chooses appropriate responses to leverage donor resources to their highest effectiveness, including deploying medical and reconstruction teams, providing relief supplies, or financing the restoration of livelihoods and infrastructure. IRT builds healthy communities by providing a) medical training to save babies' lives, b) surgeries for the forgotten poor, c) eye glasses to improve sight, d) medicines for rural hospitals and clinics, e) nutrition and education support for abused, abandoned and homeless children.
Educating Inner-City Youth: From Middle School, through High School, to College.
Nativity Prep Academy is a private, WASC-accredited, all-scholarship middle school in the Jesuit tradition dedicated to providing a rigorous and enriching education to hardworking young men and women from low-income families who will be the first, or among the first, in their families to graduate from college. Our programs support more than 230 students in middle school, high school, and college. We make an 11-year commitment to our students, continuing our support after middle school through a comprehensive Graduate Support Program, to assure our students transition to and succeed at a top regional high school and matriculate to college or university. Our Vision is to be a regional leader in the education of young men and women from impoverished families, well known for the caliber of its teachers, the rigor and creativity of its programs, and the academic and service achievements of its students. Our vision is that our students excel in high school, college, and career, and that they become role models and leaders in their communities.We believe the best hope for low-income children is a great education earned through hard work, founded on personal care, and focused on service to others.
The First Tee of San Diego
Pro Kids Golf Academy's mission is to challenge underserved youth to excel in life by promoting character development, life-skills, and values through education and the game of golf. We aim to be a leader in providing opportunity and hope through positive life-changing experiences to underserved youth in San Diego County. Pro Kids was founded by former AFL player Ernest H. Wright, Sr. and incorporated in 1994. That same year, we partnered with the City of San Diego and the San Diego Unified School District to use Colina Park Golf Course as an outdoor classroom to teach life-skills and golf to inner-city kids. In 1997, we were used as a model for The First Tee, an international organization and became The First Tee of San Diego. We initiated a scholarship program in 1999 awarding $1 million to 80 students over the past ten years.
Building hope for boys without families and families without homes
Since 1988, Project Mexico has been involving young people in the alleviation of suffering by building homes for Mexico's poor. In 1996 our outreach expanded through the opening of St. Innocent Orthodox Orphanage in Tijuana which provides a home for teenaged boys who live on the streets or who have been put out of other orphanages and would otherwise be left to fend for themselves. St. Innocent Orphanage is the only facility dedicated to teenaged boys in Tijuana and one of only four in the entire country of Mexico. We now stand at well over one hundred homes built and blessed. Over 6,900 volunteers from forty-three of fifty states and eleven foreign countries have come to give of themselves and have been blessed in return.
Instant Car Donation

There are lots of charities in the Santee area which may benefit from your vehicle, like your Tesla Roadster, donation. We not only assist you donate to a nearby charity, but we concentrate on supplying small with an easy method they can focus on their work that is important to take donations. Frequently the donation will make the biggest difference for charities, while helping to support those in their neighborhood California community who need it the most, bringing together individuals. It's necessary to Instant Car Donation which you get the greatest allowable tax deduction benefit without having perform research or to navigate complexities possible. We pre-qualify all of our 501-3C non-profit charities that are participating would be tax deductible. The process will be streamlined for both you and the charity of your own choice. We'll provide you after your contribution that is finished with a 1098-C tax document. Car donations are the most financially responsible way for folks to produce a donation. Because of this, one of our aims is to enable those electing a benevolent choice by ensuring that the car goes to the charity which represents their values. We make charity decision an integral part of the process, when donating with us. We could do this too, should you need us to pick that charity, such as Mama's Kitchen, would be helped the most.

Get the Best Tax Deduction for Your Car in Santee

Besides the charitable tax benefit rather than having the hassle of handling an old automobile, such as your Suzuki Aerio, the sensation of having the ability to assist those in need may be the ideal reason to donate your car, like a Acura ILX, to a charity, like Nativity Prep Academy. When you choose to generate a donation of a old automobile, if the non-profit organization sells the car, like a Lincoln Aviator, for over $500 they have to mail you a receipt that allows you to deduct the sales price of the car, such as a BMW 328Ci, on your own tax return. If the old car you decided to donate is not worth at least 500 bucks, then the IRS lets you determine the fair market value. This is actually the value that somebody would be prepared to spend money on the car in Santee if purchasing it from you. As a result, you make out by getting rid of your old car, truck, RV, motorcycle, or other vehicle, without having to sell it in Santee. You receive the tax benefit, and the charity gets to use the vehicle, like your Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato, or sells it and uses the profits for the good of the charity, like YUGO Ministries. That's a win-win for everyone involved. Car donation programs are becoming popular in California over the previous decade or so, as more charities are looking for new and innovative ways to generate funds. These days, the number of charitable vehicle donation programs is in the hundreds or perhaps tens of thousands. If you've got a favourite Santee non-profit organization you like to make contributions to, it's most likely possible for that charitable institution, like YUGO Ministries, to receive at least a portion of the funds if you donate your used vehicle. Most used auto donation programs will either sell the vehicle to increase funds for your reason, utilize the car, such as your GMC Motorhome Chassis, in the daily operations of the company, or provide the car to a somebody from Santee in need either at no cost, or for under the average market value. One more advantage of donating a secondhand car to charity would be the opportunity to just get rid of the vehicle without needing to attempt to repair or sell it. Most charitable car donation plans will except vehicles whether they're operating in need of repair. While there are numerous advantages to charities that receive donations from people, the advantages to the you, the donor may not be too clear. The biggest benefit that most individuals hear is the chance for a tax deduction. This means that the resale value of the given vehicle may be written off in your own tax return. There are some limitations on this kind of deduction, which means you might choose to speak with a tax pro prior to making the donation. Charitable vehicle donation programs allow you to donate your used auto to the charity of your own choice, like San Diego Center for the Blind. Visit our charities page to locate a charity in California to contribute to.

Common Donation Questions in Santee

Can there be a tax benefit for donating my automobile in California?

We can ensure your automobile, such as a BMW X4, goes to a non-profit organization which is qualified help you recieve a reciept on your contribution and to receive tax deductible contributions. You may have the ability to find a tax advantage for your auto 18, should you itemize your deductions. For contributions up to $500 it is possible to utilize Kelley Blue Book and also for bigger contributions the non-profit organization needs to confirm what they recieved for the automobile donation (more info).

How can my car be picked up?

We'll arrange a tow truck to come pick up your automobile, such as your Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, and send it to the non-profit organization, such as YUGO Ministries, of your own choice. It could not be much easier to assist your charity, like San Diego Second Chance Program, of your choice today!

Do you accept donations for vehicles that are damaged or missing parts?

Surely, we accept cars and trucks in all states! Go ahead and ask to donate, and our Santee team will see what we are able to do.

Would you help me find a Santee non-profit organization that fits my personal principals?

We would like to help you ensure that that your donation goes to your cause in Santee you care about by helping you choose a non-profit organization that meets your values. In reality, it is important to us we do it every time you donate with us!

What charities do you support in Santee?

Instant Car Donation proudly supports several respected local & national Santee organizations that are nonprofit in the area. Our Santee team works hard for you to ensure the organizaion recieves support from your car or truck.

How do I prepare my California DMV documentation?

All owners on the car title must finish the section of the car title labeled "assignment of title by owner" or "transfer of ownership by seller". Most states require signing and printing owner names. You need to fill out any fields that require documentation concerning a buyer/purchaser/transferee with info. You might find directions for your home state here.

Will my donation be done quickly?

First we will speak to the charity, like Project Mexico & St. Innocent Orphanage, of your choice (or select one for you whether you asked that instead) to make certain they need your own automobile which takes about one business day. After that we'll arrange to get a tow truck to come for simple pickup. If it is taking a bit longer feel free to give us a call.

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Reasons People Donate Cars like D & N Trailers D & N Trailers to Charity

There are numerous reasons people donate cars, such as being a Falcon F-7. Some of us do not possess the time or inclination to market a car that is just sitting in the driveway or even the garage. Others don't always have a great deal of cash readily available to encourage our treasured respected charity at Santee, also that is our chance to make an effort to accomplish something enormous to encourage their major job in the community.

In addition to such reasons, a fantastic many men and women donate ELVs, otherwise called End of Life Vehicles. Once we grow ourselves, and even confront the death of our loved ones and loved ones, devoting an automobile such as a Maserati Biturbo to the charity of our soul is a gift that we will offer ourselves and our area at Santee or our neighborhood place. We might have gotten into this point in our lives where we just are not driving our car any longer. What better usage can we make of our car than to put it to use to impact our community? Particularly small and moderate non profits like Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County in Santee, California, really rely upon the aid of their community to continue their major work. Should we choose to donate our car into your charity like YUGO Ministries, whose mission we all truly have confidence in we give them the gift of unexpected funds to support an present program , or to help them develop new programs and expand their own outreach.

Many of us are also in the position of focusing on the estates of their nearest and dearest and putting their last fantasies into actions. In this case we might decide to donate their vehicle to a reason they believed in during their lifetime.

Regardless of what it was that spoke with the heart, we are sure to help you to detect a worthy charity that would help bring their dreams and thoughts for a better world to fruition. Helping them to donate their own car may be gift we give them. Regardless of why you are thinking about donating your car, we can help. The one thing that seems most important to people considering donating their car is to be certain the donation would go to a charity they really have confidence in, such as Catholics for Choice. We've reached out to tens of thousands of charities in Santee and outside, whose names and profiles are on our site. We partner with them to ensure they could accept your vehicle donation. In addition, if there is really a charity you want to subscribe to who isn't listed here, then we are willing to contact them personally on your behalf. We will arrange a free of charge pick-up of your vehicle, assist you to transfer your name, and contact the non-profit of one's choice, like American Civil Liberties Union of Montana Foundation, to ensure that they get your donation. We will even ensure that you get the paperwork you want come tax time to find the most tax donation.

Donation Help Numbers

Vehicle donation has played a crucial part in charitable giving within the past couple of years and has assisted many non-profits like Grapevine Relief And Community Exchange to increase the impact in their communities. Giving has always been a source of finance for non-profit organizations, such as Gleaning for the World. But, where would the contributions go? Are they really helping as far as we believe? Let us take a peek at the numbers from 2016. In 2016 donations went:

Donations to schooling charities: $59.77 billion, or 15% of all donations, went to instruction charities. This was up 3.6 % from 2015.

Donations to foundations: $40.56 billion, 10 percent of all contributions went to bases and therefore were up 3.1%.

Donations to health charities: $33.14 billion, or 8 percent of contributions went to medical charities, which had been a 5.7 % growth.

Donations public advantage charities: $29.89 billion or 8% of all donations went to society and public benefit charities, that has been up 5.8 percent.

Donations to the Environment and hens:$11.05 billion or 3% of all donations went to Environment/Animals up 7.2 percent from 2015.

Lastly, the largest percentage of contributions in 2016 moved into Religious Organizations: $122.94 billion, went to religious organizations, or 32% of all contributions.

Since you may see, charitable contributions are rising, and it is a good thing because our favorite charities, for example Audi A6 need as much assistance as they can get! In Instant Car Donation we're doing our part to increase charitable contributions through automobile donation. You can donate any kind of car, including a Suzuki SX4. It's an effortless method. It is possible to donate your vehicle, whether its a GMNA (Opel & Daewoo) Roadster/G2X or even a Lamborghini 147 to assist a non-profit of your selection, such as Initiative Foundation, just fill out the intake form and we'll be in contact to take good care of the procedure.

*All data is the property of Giving USA 2017  Annual Report on Philanthropy.

Donation Impact for Charities

Have you been considering donating a car in Santee, like a Buick Regal, however wondering what impact this will have for your charity of your choice? If that's the case, read on to see how your car donation in Santee could be a true difference and influence on little and medium-sized charities like Pro Kids Golf Academy on your community.

One of the biggest challenges for small businesses with few or no paid staff is the best way to improve their funds and preventing volunteer burn-out. Catholic Answers at Santee, California, is a non-profit. Catholic Answers's mission is carried out by volunteers. Because the majority of work is done by volunteers, then the charity's jobs are performed by volunteer employees, many of who lack skills the non-profit should flourish. In reality, many times the particulars of fundraising attempts are decided based on who is available to take them out, instead of that which are the very best approach to fundraise.

If a small non-profit like Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund be in a position to be given a car donation, including a COMMUNITY CARS Kenguru? We think so! However, what about all the logistical service, time and money that's needed to arrange the tow truck and the sale of your donated car at an auction? It appears unlikely that a charity like this would really be able to take on selling your donated car, even if you opted to donate it to them.

That's where we all come in. We associate with any and every non-profit who wants to get a auto donation, such as ACCION San Diego, and offer our experience and help in calculating the car donation. Then we make certain that the charity receives the maximum donation it can receive so that it may boost its operating funding and fund new and existing programs. Your car donation may be worth a few hundred or even several thousand dollars or more, based on the car that you donate. Though it may not look like a lot of money, it's an unplanned windfall to get a little or high-income charity like Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

Still contemplating donating your vehicle to a charity in Santee? We can assist! Just click the contribute button and then let's know who you are, and we are going to arrange your free pickup and to offer your car. We will also contact the charity of your choice, and ensure that they get the funds they need to continue their great and important work in our community community.

Tips for Donating Your Car

There are two approaches to give your car, like a BYD Auto BYD e6B: the easy way, and also the difficult way. What's the way? You'll be able to research by yourself and find a charity, for example as for example Turning Point from Santee, California, which you would like to guide. Next you can discover the price of your vehicle, wash it, list it into a classified or a auction at Santee, sign over the titleand arrange to get a tow, and also sell your car. Subsequent to the vehicle is sold and the title is signed you will collect the income and then contact the respected charity of one's choice, such as Community Action Stops Abuse, so as to contribute the proceeds. After you determine that you should send the check to, then you can lose this in the mail. Then, you're able to research using the IRS to find out what kind of tax paperwork that you need to file so as to find credit for the donation, then fill in that paperwork, and submit an application in tax time.

It seems time-consuming. It looks like a hassle. Are you really going to get it? Not likely. You may also write a test to United Way of Greater Atlanta. Who's time?

If you never want to go through that grueling process, you can even search online to locate a charity, such as Rancho De Sus Ninos, which can process your automobile donation in Santee, California. This is much less time consuming, however, the options are somewhat limited. You can only donate your car or truck to associations who are large enough or have a staff that is equipped to do all of the actions listed above for it. However, almost all small to medium sized charities aren't restricted to process car contributions. That means that they aren't able to accept your contribution. They are over worked, and mostly surrounded by volunteers. Sometimes the sum of cash your car is worth isn't enough to justify the time spent with the charity.

Are you currently hoping to find a third option? If so, keep reading! We will be able to allow you to donate your Formula 1 Street Com Formula 1 Street Com into the honored charity of one's choice including Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin! We are your little business that partners with any and every charity to accept car donations. We've got tens of thousands of charities on our site to allow one to pick from, of course if there's a charity you'd want to subscribe to who isn't recorded here, then we are prepared to contact them for you personally on your own behalf. We will arrange a free of charge pick up of one's car in Santee or the community area, help you move your name, and get the non of your choice to make certain that they receive your donation. We will even make sure you have the paperwork you want come tax period to find the maximum tax contribution. So go ahead and click on the donate button. It couldn't be easier!