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Instant Car Donation was founded with the goal of bringing donors and local charities together with an efficient and pleasant process. You can focus on deciding which of our respected charities is right for you instead of worrying about difficulties of researching how to make a donation. After your free pickup, we will assist you in recieving the best tax benefit possible for your generous gift. We take pride in helping smaller charities easily receive car donations, bringing people together while helping support those in the Huntington Beach, California community who need it the most.

Featured Huntington Beach 501(c)(3) Charities

Expert Daily Care and Family Support
Founded in 1980, Alzheimer's Family Services Center (AFSC) provides care solutions for people in various stages of memory loss Monday through Friday. The facility offers therapeutic activities, health and care coordination, counseling, and socialization for participants, as well as much-needed caregiver support and education for families. AFSC's mission is to improve quality of life for families challenged by Alzheimer's disease or another dementia through services tailored to meet individual needs. The agency is affiliated with Hoag Neurosciences Institute and works closely with the Orange County Vital Brain Aging Program launched by Hoag to raise awareness and improve understanding about the benefits of early detection and proper Alzheimer's disease treatment.
Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold
Girls Inc. of Orange County positively changes the lives of 4,000 girls, kindergarten to 18 years old, each year by providing year-round holistic, compensatory, and intentional programming focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). Girls Inc. of Orange County has been a respected member of the non-profit community for over 60 years. The mission of Girls Inc. is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. We put our mission into practice through the Girls Inc. experience that equips girls to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers and grow into healthy, educated and independent adults. Health, education and independence are the three main areas that surround our program curricula.
Hoag Promise, Our Campaign to Lead, Innovate & Transform
Hoag Hospital Foundation advances the mission of Hoag through meaningful and inspirational philanthropic partnerships. Hoag Hospital Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Hoag, is an integral partner in Hoag's vision to become a trusted and nationally recognized health care leader. Under the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors, the Foundation launched Hoag Promise, Our Campaign to Lead, Innovate &Transform with a goal of $627 million by 2020. Comprehensive in the truest sense of the word, the Hoag Promise Campaign encompasses every institute, center and specialty area of Hoag and includes programs, innovation opportunities, research, technology, facilities and staff to drive Hoag's continued clinical leadership, innovative spirit and transformative potential.
Building new lives for America's homeless
Founded in 1989, HomeAid is a leading national provider of housing for today's homeless. The organization builds new lives for America's homeless families and individuals through housing and community outreach. HomeAid builds multi-unit housing for homeless families and individuals, then donates it to charities such as Family Promise, US Veteran's Initiative, Boys Hope Girls Hope, Mercy House, Salvation Army, Volunteers of America, YMCA, and others. Most HomeAid housing serves people who are temporarily homeless due to circumstances beyond their control: job loss, natural disasters and other catastrophes, illness and medical problems, domestic violence, and more. HomeAid has provided housing for more than 270,000 individuals.
Dedicated to the protection and welfare of cats
The National Cat Protection Society (NatCat) is a non-profit, no-kill 501(c)(3) cat shelter. We welcome owner-relinquished cats and kittens to stay in our clean and comfortable living quarters until they find a proper home. Our state-of-the-art facilities with protected access to the "outdoors" in large enclosed patio areas let them enjoy themselves without compromising their safety. NatCat has two cat shelters in Southern California: Newport Beach and Spring Valley. The trained staff and dedicated volunteers all share a tremendous love for cats and are selflessly dedicated to their well-being.
Encouraging, supporting, and facilitating philanthropy in Orange County
The Orange County Community Foundation connects donors and nonprofit agencies working towards a common goal: to improve the quality of life for our community. Our service-driven approach drives every action and decision. Simply stated, we make it easy for donors to grant effective and enduring gifts to charitable organizations whether in Orange County, the U.S. or the world. In addition, we partner with nonprofit agencies serving our community, and professional advisors counseling clients on estate and legacy plans.
Enriching the lives of a diverse and changing community through modern and contemporary art
The Orange County Museum of Art is the premier visual arts organization in Orange County, California, serving a population of nearly three million residents in one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country. Critically acclaimed exhibitions such as Picasso to Pollock: Modern Masterpieces from the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Mary Heilmann: To Be Someone, and Birth of the Cool: Art Design, and Culture at Midcentury, draw more than 40,000 visitors annually. Some 15,000 children and adults participate in award winning education programs. The museum's collection comprises nearly 2,500 objects, with a concentration on the art of California from the early 20th century to present.
Eliminating preventable blindness and its causes in Armenia
The Armenian EyeCare Project (AECP) is dedicated to providing the Armenian people ophthalmologic care through five primary programs: (1) direct patient care; (2) medical training and education - including on-site training in Armenia and U.S. ophthalmology fellowships; (3) public education and awareness; (4) research; and (5) strengthening the Armenian eye care delivery system through capacity building. The organization is governed by a volunteer board of directors and funded entirely with private dollars. The mission of the AECP is to eliminate preventable blindness and its causes in Armenia and to make eye care accessible to all.
Instant Car Donation

There are many charitable institutions, such as Alzheimer's Family Services Center, in your California area which may benefit from your vehicle donation. We not only help you donate to a charity, but we focus on supplying an effortless method to small local non-profits to take donations that they can focus on their important work. The donation will make the difference for charities, like Alzheimer's Family Services Center, bringing people together while helping to support those within their regional Huntington Beach community who need it the most. Car donations are the most accountable method for many folks to produce a charitable donation. Due to this, one of their aims is to enable those making a benevolent choice by ensuring that the car goes into the charity that best represents their values. We consistently make charity decision an essential part of the procedure, when donating with us. We can do this too, should you want us to pick which charity would benefit the most instead. It is important to Instant Car Donation which you get the greatest allowable tax deduction benefit without needing to navigate complexities or execute research, possible. We all of our charities, for example Alzheimer's Family Services Center, that are engaging to verify your donation will be tax deductible. The procedure will be streamlined to both you and the charity of your own choice. We'll provide you after your completed contribution with a 1098-C tax document.

Get the Best Tax Deduction for Your Car in Huntington Beach

Aside from the charitable tax benefit rather than having the hassle of dealing with an old automobile, like your Mazda CX-5, the feeling of being able to assist those in need may be the ideal reason to donate your automobile to a charity. When you opt to generate a donation of a old automobile, such as your Subaru DL, if the charitable institution, like Alzheimer's Family Services Center, sells the vehicle for more than $500 they are required to send you a receipt which lets you deduct the sales price of the car on your tax return. If the old car you decided to donate isn't worth at least 500 dollars, then the IRS allows you to determine the fair market value. This is the value that someone would be willing to buy the vehicle in Huntington Beach if buying it from you. In order to receive the tax deduction, then you'll need to itemize your deductions on your tax return. You claim the tax deduction, and the charity gets to use the vehicle or sells it and uses the profits for the good of the charitable institution, for example Alzheimer's Family Services Center. That is a win-win for everybody involved. Car donation programs are becoming more popular in California over the past ten years or so, as more charities are searching for new and innovative ways to create funds. Nowadays, the number of charitable automobile donation programs numbers in the hundreds or even thousands. When you have a favourite Huntington Beach non-profit organization you want to make donations to, it is most likely possible for that non-profit organization to get at least a portion of the funds if you donate your used car. Most used auto donation programs will either sell your vehicle to raise funds for the reason, use the car in the daily operations of their company, or provide the car, like your Isuzu Trooper II, to a somebody from Huntington Beach in need either at no cost, or even for under the fair market value. Another benefit of donating a secondhand car to charity is the chance to simply get rid of the car, like a Lexus CT, without needing to attempt to fix or promote it. Most charitable automobile donation programs will except vehicles if they're operating or in need of repair. While there are lots of benefits to charities which receive donations from people, the advantages to the you, the donor might not be too clear. The biggest advantage which the majority of individuals hear about is the chance for a tax deduction. There are a few limitations on this type of deduction, which means you may want to talk to a tax professional prior to making the donation. Charitable car donation programs permit you to donate your used auto to the charity of your choice. Visit our charities page to find a charity in California to contribute to.

Common Donation Questions in Huntington Beach

Is there a financial tax advantage for donating my car in California?

We can guarantee your car, such as your Jaguar XJ, goes to a charity, like Alzheimer's Family Services Center, that's qualified to receive tax deductible donations and help you recieve a reciept for your donation. You might have the ability to acquire a tax benefit should you itemize your deductions. For donations around $500 you're able to utilize Kelley Blue Book and also for larger contributions the charity, for example Alzheimer's Family Services Center, must verify what they recieved for the automobile donation (more info).

How will my car be delivered to the Huntington Beach charity?

We'll arrange a tow truck to come pick up your vehicle and deliver it for you. It couldn't be simpler today to help your charity of your choice!

Do you take donations for automobiles that are lost or damaged components?

Certainly, we take automobiles in all states! Go to the form and submit your request to contribute, and our Huntington Beach team will see what we are able to do.

Can you help me find a charity that is suitable for my personal morals?

We'd really like to help you ensure that that your donation goes to a cause in Huntington Beach you care personally about by assisting you to choose a charity that fulfills your values. It is so important to us we do so every single time you donate with us!

Who can I donate my vehicle to in Huntington Beach?

Instant Car Donation proudly supports respected national Huntington Beach organizations that are nonprofit in the area. We work hard for you to make sure maximum support is recieved by the organizaion from your car or truck.

What paperwork is required in California?

All owners on the car title must finish the section of the car title labeled "assignment of title by owner" or "transfer of ownership by seller". Most states require signing and printing owner names. You should fill out any areas that require documentation concerning a buyer/purchaser/transferee with info about who you're donating the vehicle, like your Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, to. Instructions may be found by you.

Just how long does this process take?

First we'll contact the non-profit organization of your choice (or pick one for you if you asked that rather than picked) to make sure they need your vehicle, like your Suzuki Sidekick, which takes around one business day. After that wewill arrange to come for pickup. When it is taking a little more time feel free to get in touch with us.

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Tips for Donating Your Car

There are two approaches to donate your car, such as a Hyundai XG300: the simple way, and the hard way. What's the way? You'll be able to research on your own and uncover a charity, such as for instance Alzheimer's Family Services Center in Huntington Beach, California, that you would like to support. Next you can discover the worth of your car, wash it, then list it in a classified or a auction in Huntington Beach, register over the name, arrange for a tow, and then sell your car. Subsequent to the vehicle comes and the title is signed you will collect the funds and then get into the honored charity of your choice, like Global Wildlife Conservation, to be able to contribute the proceeds. After you figure out who you should send the test to, you can drop this in the mail. Following that, you'll be able to research with the IRS to learn what sort of tax paper work you want to file so as to find credit for the donation, fill out that paperwork, and submit an application at tax time.

It appears time consuming. It looks like an inconvenience. Are you really going to do it? Not likely. You may also write a check to Earthplace. Who's time?

In the event you do not desire to experience that grueling procedure, you may even search on the web to locate a charity, such as Alzheimer's Family Services Center, that can process your car donation in Huntington Beach, California. That is a lot less time consuming, however, the options are limited. You may just give your vehicle to organizations who are large enough or have a team that's able to do all of the actions listed above because of this. However, almost all small to medium sized charities aren't staffed to process car contributions. That means they aren't able to accept your contribution. They are overworked, and mostly surrounded by volunteers. Some times the amount of cash your automobile may be worth isn't sufficient to warrant the time spent by the charity.

Are you currently interested in finding a third alternative? If this is the case, continue reading! We can help you donate your own Audi TTS into the honored charity of your decision including Epic Academy! We're a small business that partners with every charity to accept car donations. We have thousands of charities around our site for you to select from, of course if there's a charity you would like to contribute to who isn't recorded here, then we are prepared to get hold of them for you personally in your benefit. We'll arrange a no cost pick up of your car in Huntington Beach or the regional area, help you move your title, and get the non of one's option to be certain they receive your donation. We'll even make sure you get the paperwork that you need come tax period to find the most tax contribution. So go ahead and click the donate button. It mightn't be easier!

Green Living through donating your car in Huntington Beach

Whenever you make the choice to give your car, like a Volkswagen Rabbit, to confirm a cause that you care about, you recieve the benefit of a tax deduction - and the charity such as Long Island Cares receives the benefit of the financing to sponsor programs or projects. But were you aware your car donation can provide the advantage of living that is greener ?

Recycle, reduce, and repurpose are all conditions we are extremely comfortable with nowadays. We want to look after our environment and reduce our carbon footprint, and then save the planet for future generations in Huntington Beach. We take some opportunity to form our recyclables into steel, plastics, paper and aluminum. But do you ever feel that cars were a part of recycling? And, most of us don't have time or energy to fix our cars up so that we may sell them and bring the highest price for what we have.

That is where we all come in. If you donate your car, we arrange a free pickup and purchase of your vehicle at a local market in Huntington Beach. In the auction, your automobile will be bid on by a individual, used car salesman, or mechanic who wishes to present your car new life, and has the skills and time to perform it. That is to say that by donating your car, you are in fact giving it a new function! Who knew that donating a vehicle could achieve a lot of vital goals at once? When we donate a car, we gain a charity such as Second Harvest Foodbank of the Mahoning Valley by giving them more comprehensive funding, take the load of fixing up the auto off of ourselves, and we recycle and interrogate our vehicle!

Can each charity manage the work it requires to process a auto donation? Sadly, no. Alzheimer's Family Services Center may not find enough efficiency in managing the towing, titlework and sale of a donated car. And hence, Alzheimer's Family Services Center may not be able to rely on automobile gifts as a source of financing. However, during our streamlined process, financing from the sale of your car can really make a difference for non profits like Alzheimer's Family Services Center. We can lend charities such as Pennsylvania Ballet a hand while some greener, more simple life.

Donation Help Numbers

Vehicle donation has played a vital part in charitable giving over the past couple of years and has assisted many non-profits like Diabetes Partnership of Cleveland to grow the effect in their own communities. Giving has always been a valuable source of finance for non-profit associations, for example Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation. But, where would the donations go? Are they really helping as much as we believe? Let us look at the numbers from 2016. In

Donations to schooling charities: $59.77 billion, or 15% of all donations, went to instruction charities. This was up 3.6 percent from 2015.

Donations to human services charities: $46.8 billion, or 12 percent of contributions went to human services and also were up 4.0 percent.

Donations to bases: $40.56 billion, 10% of all contributions went to foundations and therefore were up 3.1%.

Donations to health charities: $33.14 billion, or 8% of all donations went into health charities, which was a 5.7 percent increase.

Donations public benefit charities: $29.89 billion approximately 8 percent of contributions went to society and public benefit charities, which ended up 5.8 percent.

Contributions to Culture, Humanities and Arts $18.21 billion approximately 5 percent of all donations went to Arts, Culture, and Humanities, which was up 6.4 percent.

Donations to the Environment and hens:$11.05 billion or 3% of all donations went to Environment/Animals, up 7.2 % from 2015.

Lastly, the greatest percentage of donations in 2016 moved to Religious Organizations: $122.94 billion, went to religious associations, or 32 percent of all contributions.

Since you can see, charitable contributions are increasing, which is a fantastic thing because our favorite charities, for example Lamborghini Gallardo need as much help as they can get! In Instant Car Donation we are doing our part to boost charitable donations through vehicle donation. You can donate any kind of car, including a Volvo 260 Series. It's an easy way. You can donate your vehicle, whether a Saab 9000 or even a Changzhou Greenland Vehicle Co., Ltd. 4S to aid a nonprofit of your selection, such as United Breast Cancer Foundation, simply complete the intake form and we'll be in touch to take care to the process.

*All data is the property of Giving USA 2017  Annual Report on Philanthropy.